SA Police update direction on public activities introduced on December 1

NEW DIRECTION: SA Police commissioner Grant Stevens works with the state's government and health authorities to keep the public safe.
NEW DIRECTION: SA Police commissioner Grant Stevens works with the state's government and health authorities to keep the public safe.

SA Police have this week updated the public activity restrictions within South Australia in a concerted effort to keep the entire state safe amid the coronavirus.

As a result, the state's former Emergency Management Public Activities direction has been revoked and replaced by a newer plan.

Essentially, the new direction provides an update to density requirements, gathering provisions, requirements for fixed seating venues, the COVID-SAfe Check-In and mask requirements for health services.

This new direction came into effect as on Tuesday, December 1.

Density Requirements

The following density requirements apply:

  • Indoor Place (includes an enclosed area)- 1 person per 4 square metres
  • Outdoor Place- 1 person per 2 square metres

According to SA Police commissioner Grant Stevens, the public must use their "best endeavours" to implement physical distancing and remain 1.5m from people they do not know.

This means the occupier/owner must calculate the density requirements based on the space available for members of the public to use for the defined activity. This does not include bathrooms etc. and staff areas, and staff who are working are not calculated in the capacity number.

Gathering Provisions

The following gathering provisions apply:

  • Private function (including wedding and funerals)- 150 people maximum 1 person per 2 sqm
  • Private residence- 10 people per house (unless more than 10 people permanently reside at the residence)
  • Private place- 150 people maximum
  • Holiday accommodation- The maximum number of people permitted to sleep at the place as set by the accommodation provider
  • Caravan park or camping ground- 6 people maximum per site and no more than 6 visitors. Children under the age of 16 are not included.

Children and infants, of any age, are counted in the above gathering, other than at caravan parks where children under the age of 16 are not included.

Private Functions

Private functions include weddings, funerals, parties or any other function which is by invite only that is held at licensed premises.

The function must be in a designated area which has no public access and where possible separate bathroom facilities from the rest of the venue.

Guests must use their best endeavours to remain segregated from other patrons at the premises.

The maximum number of people permitted is 150 people and the density provision of 1 person per 2 square metres applies.

Food and beverages must have no shared utensils but can be consumed while standing. Dancing is also permitted.

Cinema, Theatres and Other Fixed Seating Venues

Any indoor cinema, theatre or any other place where the activity includes a fixed seating must implement a 'checkerboard' seating arrangement and must not have over 50 per cent of their standard capacity in patrons.

Fitness, Recreation Activities and Sport

Fitness, recreation activities and sport can resume. Swimming or other activities at swimming pools used by the public are permitted to operate providing there are no more than 50 people in a pool at any one time.

COVIDSAfe Check-In

Any operation with a COVID Safe Plan must also use an approved contact tracing system which includes the COVID-SAfe Check in, Scan Tek or any other electronic platform which is approved by the state coordinator.

Those who have a COVID Safe Plan will be issued with a QR code which will be attached to the approved plan and must be displayed in the premises/business/venue.

A person who participates in a defined public activity or who enters a venue must upload their relevant contact details.

If the system is not working or the person is unable to upload their details they must provide their details to the venue operator and these details must be retained.

A reminder that all defined public activities (other than home health services) must have a COVID Safe Plan which can be completed here:

SA Police say that this is the responsibility of the person who has care and control of the place or where the place is used by several people the owner/primary caretaker must ensure these systems are in place.

Consumption of Food and Beverages

Food and beverages which are served for consumption at venues (including pubs, cafes, clubs, restaurants, wineries, etc.) must be consumed while seated when indoors.

Food and beverages can be consumed while standing or seated when outdoors.

Communal food and beverages are not permitted.

If people are sitting at a bar there must be no food preparation taking place.

Health Care, Residential Care, Disability Support or Aged Care Services

Masks must be worn in defined health care, residential care, disability support or aged care services.

Meanwhile, a single use surgical mask which covers the nose and mouth must be worn by all people including: care providers, patients, clients, residents, admin and other staff, employees, visitors, students, contractors and any other person when they are in the presence of other people.

A person is exempt where; the mask will hinder their care, there is a medical condition, communication with a person who if deaf or hard of hearing, the person is under 12 and the person is a live in staff member or a resident of a residential care facility.

Quick Reader (QR) code advice

  • The SA Health requirement for the Health Services Sector to generate COVID Safe Plans with QR codes is a new and significant change for a large group of organisations;
  • Given this cohort has not previously been required to have COVID safe plans a period of 72 hours is being provided to allow SA Health the opportunity to further communicate with the Sector and allow organisations go online and generate COVID safe plans with associated QR codes.
  • During this period enforcement action will not be taken, but all businesses must implement the requirements as soon as possible, and within the 72 hour grace period.

Personal Care Activities

People providing personal care services must wear personal protective equipment (PPE) if they are providing these services at hairdressers, barbershops, beauty and nail salons, tattoo parlours, wellness centres/day spas/massage parlours, saunas/bathhouses and any other place which beauty therapy/tanning/waxing/piercing/body modification takes place.

Indoor Play Centres, Amusement Parks and Arcades

Indoor play centres, amusement parks and arcades are not permitted to open.

These facilities must remain closed and must not allow any member of the public to enter the facilities.

COVID-19 Management Plans

COVID Management Plans are required where more than 1000 people are expected to attend, such as a nightclub or relevant licensed premises.

COVID-19 Marshal

A reminder that a COVID Marshal is required for the onsite purchase and consumption of food or beverages, ceremonies, private function, supermarkets, hardware stores, distribution centres, gymnasiums and fitness centres, swimming pools used by the public, sporting clubs or any event with a COVID Management Plan.

COVID-19 Marshals are not permitted to undertake any other activities where there are more than 200 people. For more information visit:

Further COVID-19 Advice

The SA Government has released updated COVID-19 advice due to the Parafield cluster. Please note that the wearing of masks is recommended does not form part of the Direction. South Australian residents should wear a mask when physical distancing of 1.5m cannot be observed, e.g. on public transport.

It is acknowledged that many restrictions still apply, but they are critical in dealing with the spread of COVID-19.

All existing directions, frequently asked questions and other information can be found here:

For further information please call the SA COVID-19 Information Line on 1800 253 787 between the hours of 9am to 5pm 7 days per week or go to the SA Health website at or

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