Orroroo Carrieton council approves suite of strategic plans

Orroroo Carrieton District Council mayor Kathie Bowman and chief executive officer Dylan Strong.
Orroroo Carrieton District Council mayor Kathie Bowman and chief executive officer Dylan Strong.

The District Council of Orroroo Carrieton adopted its suite of Strategic Management Plans at a special meeting held earlier today.

Council's strategic & community plan 2020-2030 outlines the key strategic goals, objectives and proposed strategies over the next 10 years. The full suite of strategic management plans also contains the Long Term Financial Plan, Asset Management Plan and the 2020/21 Business Plan and Budget.

Council embarked on an extensive community engagement program to provide opportunities for feedback and input from the community to assist with developing the plans.

Mayor Kathie Bowman, said the aptly titled strategic plan "Prosperity and Resilience" reflects the attitudes and aspirations of the community, providing a road map for how the district needs to develop into the future.

"In developing this plan, Council engaged with the community seeking feedback on Council's performance, priorities and vision for the future," she said.

"The plan responds to the unique values and characteristics of our district, capturing community views on the future focus and endeavour of Council," she said.

Built upon four strategic themes namely Prosperity, Lifestyle, Leadership and Landscape, the plan sets down clear actions on how to implement the district's priorities. It also provides guidance on meeting changing needs, enabling growth and further development of the local character of the area now and into the future.

"We have strategically planned for the district's prosperous future, while still maintaining what makes Orroroo Carrieton such a great place to live," Mayor Bowman said.

"Council looks forward to working hand-in-hand with the community in the delivery of this plan toward a future we can all be proud of."