Dash cam footage captures near miss on Sturt Highway, east of Wagga

NEAR MISS: The footage was captured on a truck's dash cam.
NEAR MISS: The footage was captured on a truck's dash cam.

Dash cam footage has captured what could have been a head on collision at speed on a Riverina highway.

The footage, which was captured from the front of a B-double truck, shows a blue SUV overtaking the truck and narrowly missing an oncoming four-wheel drive by just metres on May 31 on the Sturt Highway, east of Wagga.

Both the truck and the oncoming car have to move off the road and onto the shoulder to give the overtaking car enough room.

The dash cam footage shows the truck is travelling at 100km/h east towards the Hume Freeway near Windamarra Road at Borambola.

The time stamp on the footage is 3.41pm and shows broken lines, meaning the car was able to overtake on that piece of road.


Although the footage was shared to the NSW Police Traffic and Highway Patrol Command Facebook page, it is not known if police are investigating the video.

People commenting on the Facebook post said other near-misses have happened on that stretch of road.

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