Brumby motion passes Victorian Upper House calling for government to cease shooting cull

'Significant step' for brumby fight as appeal lodged

The fight to save Victoria's high country brumbies has received the backing of the Victorian Upper House.

A motion to call on the state government to cease the planned shooting of feral horses in the alpine areas was passed in parliament late on Tuesday led by Member for Northern Victoria Wendy Lovell.

And while Omeo-cattleman Philip Maguire filed an appeal yesterday against his dismissed attempt to stop the cull in the Supreme Court, the growing number of brumby supporters aren't celebrating yet.

Ms Lovell said her motion was simply about "stopping the broadscale shooting of brumbies".

"So we can all work together to find a solution that includes protecting the blood line and the breed of horse that is the Australian brumby," she said.

"And to do this we need a truly independent review of brumby numbers and genuine consultation with the community." Benambra MP Bill Tilley, who has been proactive in his support for the brumbies, said the political win was a "significant step".

"This vote in effect says and sends a very clear message to both the Labor government and Parks Victoria to get back to the table and engage and consult with Victorians," he said.

"To engage and consult with the organisations who have in the past and are willing to continue into the future to offer solutions that balance the environmental imperatives and the cultural and historical significance of these horses.

"I too am ready to engage in that process in a mature and considered way in order to find an appropriate way to manage our brumby population."


"It's critical that we keep the pressure on the government and even ramp it a few notches," he said.

"The brumbies are the symbol of our resistance and our determination to win back control of our state.

"We will not allow them to be shot or killed in any other way.

"As I've said before, we are an army and we are winning this war."

Fellow Northern Victoria MP Tania Maxwell supported the motion and said she "understands" why so many are passionate about saving the high country horses from ground shooting.

"Being a lover of horses and having ridden all my life, I understand the fight to save the brumbies and the emotional connections people have to these majestic, mythical animals," she said.

"I believe there must be a balance, a middle ground, which will provide safety for our native animals' habitat and preservation of the environment so that all can coexist within the alpine region."

And while Ms Maxwell supported the motion to cease the shooting cull, she said there were other feral animals which needed to be looked at.

"In comparison, deer in the region cause significant damage to native animals habitat and are often a serious hazard to motorists, with increasing numbers of accidents over recent years," she said.

"Ultimately the culling of the brumbies should be delayed until management strategies for other animals have been completed and publicly reported."

Eastern Victoria MP Melina Bath and Western Victoria MP Bev McArthur also spoke in favour of the motion.

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