Bob Katter says 2032 Olympics bid is 'stupid'

Bob Katter.
Bob Katter.

Kennedy MP Bob Katter has called on the state and federal governments to end their bid for a South East Queensland Olympics in 2032 calling it a waste of money as the economy deals with the pandemic fallout.

The bid, likely to cost $10 million, has the support of Scott Morrison but not the KAP.

"If it was a stupid idea to sink billions of dollars into a Brisbane Olympic Games before COVID-19, then it is infinitely more stupid now," Mr Katter said.

"It took regional Australia a decade to recover from the Global Financial Crisis and it will take the nation just as long to rebuild from the impacts of coronavirus.

"Should we spend the next decade restarting a manufacturing sector, commencing nation building infrastructure and getting Australians back to work? Or should we spend the next ten years preparing for a two week sporting event?"

Mr Katter said the Premier should instead invest taxpayers' money and bureaucratic resources into a public works scheme of 'make money' projects such as the Bradfield Scheme (Hells Gate Dam), Paluma to Wallaman Falls eco-trail, Hughenden Irrigation Project, Copperstring and Galilee Coalfields rail line.

"If Madam Premier (Annastacia Palaszczuk) wants a gold medal for economic management then I'm more than happy to talk her through the benefits of a public works scheme, the likes of which saw America build itself out of the Great Depression" he said.

"The Olympic Games is the ultimate 'absorb money' project; North Queensland's shovel ready projects will drive a profit for this state for decades to come."

Mr Katter said the situation reminded him of his time in state politics when millions of dollars went down the drain for Expo 88.

"It ended up costing taxpayers around $200m, and then Premier Mike Ahern gave the prime real estate to the Brisbane Council at no cost," he said.

"At the time I said Expo would be a circus for Brisbane that regional Queensland would pay for, and I repeat that statement again on the 2032 Brisbane Olympics."

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