Regional roadshow comes to Jamestown

Thomas Foods International CEO Darren Thomas.
Thomas Foods International CEO Darren Thomas.

Thomas Foods International has revealed plans designed to increase the amount of quality Australian livestock to the world and they're bringing these ideas to Jamestown.

The family owned meat processing company is launching a series of regional roadshows to encourage primary producers to become part of its highly successful Livestock Assurance Program.

Thomas Foods International CEO, Darren Thomas, said steadily increasing demand from savvy global consumers for high quality Australian meat has prompted a push to take its livestock accreditation program to the next level.

"We know that total world meat consumption continues to steadily increase, particularly in the neighbouring Asian market, while Australians still remain amongst the world's largest per capita consumers of beef and sheep meat," Mr Thomas said.

"This is a classic case of demand and supply, and we know that local livestock farmers punch well above their weight when it comes to ethical and sustainable practices. We want to do all we can to help position farmers for further future success through world-class certification.

"Our livestock certification process is in place and we are actively looking to partner with South Australian farmers who share likeminded values and have a commitment to excellence.

"We have hundreds of Australian farmers participating in our range of certification programs and reaping the rewards of their efforts. Our upcoming regional roadshows will provide local farmers with the opportunity to learn about how our certification process demonstrates real leadership in animal welfare and farm sustainability and the associated benefits."

Upcoming information sessions presented by Thomas Foods International include:

4:30pm - March 5 at Jamestown Railway Hotel.

Program partners AgriWebb, Shearwell and Leader Products will be in attendance at all regional roadshows to discuss the benefits of EID tags and digital livestock management software system.

Under the Thomas Family Guarantee certification, produce is verified as meeting labelling requirementsincluding:

. No Antibiotics, Ever

. No Added Hormones, Ever

. Humanely Raised; and

. Sustainable.

Optional additional programs include Grass Fed, Grain Fed and Organic classifications.

The non-onerous, concise and standardised program has been designed to provide key supply chain markets across the globe with certification information being demanded for imported meat products, to secure the best outcomes for customers and farmers alike.

More about the Thomas Family Guarantee program can be found at