Looking back to our history

The Ghosts of my Friends gifted to Millicent Tilbrook.

The Ghosts of my Friends gifted to Millicent Tilbrook.

This small book "The Ghosts of my Friends" (pictured) was gifted to Millicent Tilbrook in 1910 possibly a birthday gift.

A person signed the book sideways then folded the page while the ink was still wet.

This made a ghosting effect. Millicent was born in 1888. She and her sister, Eva, born 1885, together ran a Fancy Goods Store in Clare Main Street.

This was later demolished when Alex Ness built his newsagency on the same spot.

This store, opposite the vacant Commonwealth Bank, is now empty and we no longer have a newsagency in Clare.

Millicent was a great sportswoman, excelling in golf and tennis.

The house they lived in still exists in William Street, Clare and a Tilbrook descendant now lives in it.

Neither ladies married.

You can see Millicent on a large panel board in our Clare Museum.

This is just a small story of the people of Clare and thanks to Val Tilbrook, we can learn more about our history.