All the Grand Final action across the grades

Northern Argus photographer Chelsea Ashmeade braved the conditions at Burra on Saturday to bring you all the action from the North Eastern Netball Association Grand Finals.

A1 - RSMU 33 v Eudunda-Robertstown 40

Eudunda-Robertstown made some early turnovers and capitalised on them. RSMU settled and closed the gap, to have a one goal difference a quarter time. Eudunda-Robertstown took off with some good defensive pressure causing confusion in RSMU in the goal ring.

The rain caused shorter passes through the mid court. RSMU made some positional changes in the third quarter which caused them some confidence and saw more pressure applied to the ball. Eudunda-Robertstown maintained the lead at the third quarter.

The fourth quarter saw the game continue to be physical and both teams fight hard to the end. Eudunda-Robertstown took the win, an amazing effort finishing the minor round fourth .

Best on Court: Jessica Geister (ER)

A2 - North Clare 45 v South Clare 32

North Clare came out fighting for back to back premierships, with nine goals difference in the first quarter. In the second and third quarter, South Clare gathered themselves together and held their own.

The defensive turnovers from North Clare and their accuracy saw them pull away to win by 13 goals.

Best on Court: Elyce Huppatz (North Clare)

B1 - North Clare 50 v Blyth-Snowtown 42

A great start to North Clare in the first quarter with strong shooting. It was an even second quarter with some great driving through the centre court.

North consolidated their lead in the third quarter with determination. A hard fought last quarter with North Clare winning by eight.

Best on Court: Renee Scott (North Clare)

B2 - MinMan 45 v North Clare 24

Min Man started well and settled in every position to have a strong lead at the first quarter. North defended well in the second quarter.

A great team game by MinMan displaying discipline and skill to take the win in the wet conditions.

Best on Court: Halle Smith (Min Man)

C1 - RSMU 29 v Blyth Snowtown 35

RSMU settled and finished the first quarter up by three. Blyth-Snowtown worked hard and with accurate shooting, scores were even at half time.

Accurate shooting by Blyth Snowtown in the third, saw them open up a five goal lead. Blyth-Snowtown defenders kept calm, with intense cheering by the RSMU supporters.

It was Blyth-Snowtown who came away with the win.

Best on Court: Sophie Angel (Blyth Snowtown)

C2 - MinMan 20 v BBH 33

A courageous game from both determined teams. The difference was one goal at the end first quarter.

BBH pulled away in the second quarter and strengthen their lead in the third. BBH played a great day and showed a game that reflected their consistent efforts all season.

Best on Court: Sheree Riggs (BBH)

15U - RSMU 50 v Eudunda-Robertstown 51

RSMU started strong and confidently and were up by 12 at quarter break.

Numerous changes were made and RSMU continued their lead. Eudunda-Robertstown found their strength and came out firing at three-quarter time.

The fourth quarter saw the scores goal for goal, with Eudunda-Robertstown pulling away to win by one goal in the last 60 seconds.

Best on Court: Alexandra Handke (Eudunda-Robertstown)

J1 - BBH 18 v South Clare 16

BBH had the better of the first quarter, posting a small lead. The match was tight with strong defensive work from both teams.

South Clare were extremely determined and it was goal for goal throughout. A late surge from South Clare was not quite enough, with BBH earning a well-deserved premiership.

An awesome performance by the future players of NENA.

Best on Court: Georgie Lines (BBH)

J2 - RSMU 38 v North Clare 25

A tight and competitive first quarter by both side with RSMU taking the lead. RSMU goalies were accurate, great shooting by Madie Przibilla.

Turnovers by both sides saw a lot of court action. Second half saw RSMU start to pull away with turnovers by Ellora Schell. RSMU pulled away and sealed the result in the fourth quarter.

Great Grand Final game by both sides.

Best on Court: Ellora Schell (North Clare)