Kapunda Community Craft Shop recongise Cynthia Matschoss, Roz Kubisch and Rosie Nottle for loyal service

A collective 100 years of service by three volunteers was recently celebrated at the well-attended annual general meeting of the Kapunda Community Craft Shop.

Cynthia Matschoss, Roz Kubisch and Rosie Nottle were each awarded Life Membership for their loyal commitment to the Craft Shop since the early 1980s.

According to members, their contribution, along with other members, has ensured the craft shop continues to survive and, in fact, generously support the Kapunda community, despite a number of challenges including the need to re-locate premises.

Currently the Craft Shop operates out of the Light Church premises, thanks to the generous assistance from Pastor Paul Smith and his congregation.

Retiring chairperson Cynthia Mattschoss thanked those attending the meeting, everyone for their support with the shop, the monthly markets and the 2018 Christmas Tree Festival.

For the last time Mrs Mattschoss handed over the meeting to Anne Hornsey for the election of officers.

In the election of officers for the coming year, Mrs Jannice Schutz was elected the chairperson of the group. Mrs Rosie Nottle was re-elected the secretary/treasurer with the Committee comprising Marlene Norris, Bridget Smart and Bev Wenke.

Members indicated support for the possible continuation of the annual Christmas Tree Festival, should enough members commit to actively assisting in the actual running of the event.

Anyone who is willing to be involved is asked to contact the secretary or chairperson and pledge their support.

The group re-committed to supporting the Kapunda community with the profits from the shop, and over the next few weeks will make significant donations to a number of local organisations.

This story Craft Shop recognise life members first appeared on Barossa & Light Herald.