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Pryor Family Band 1883.
Pryor Family Band 1883.

Pryor's band

Pryor's Band was a family band in Clare in the 1880s.

They often played from the balcony of the Clare Hotel, from the Bain Rotunda in Clare Oval and the first swimming pool when competition swimming was in progress.

Eddie Pryor played the cornet and this instrument can be seen at our Clare Museum.

Branch of the Arts Council formed

On the evening of 31 August 1965 a well attended meeting resulted in the formation of a Branch of the Arts Council of South Australia.

John Horner and Betty Marcus, as representatives of the Arts Council, attended and spoke on the activities and outlined the work of the Arts Council.

Office bearers appointed were President, Paul Ness; Vice-President, Barbara J. Long; Secretary, Val Tilbrook; Treasurer, Lois Heinrich; Committeeman, A.M. Nightingale of Saddleworth.

The Arts Council sponsored a tour of the Q Theatre to country towns in October and performed in Clare on October 4, with three one-act plays.

Members of the Q Theatre were Ben Gabriel, Walter Sullivan, Max Meldrum, Janice Copeland with producer Ken Hannam who was recognised as one of Sydney's best producers.

The Q Theatre, a highly rated lunchtime theatre group of professional actors, opened in December 1963, and the company gets its name from the Quay 'Q' at Circular Quay, Sydney, where the theatre chosen for performances was in the AMP Building. The first country town visited on this tour was Leigh Creek which was a unique experience for this town.

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