William Tyrrell inquest: Court hears of neighbour Paul Savage's recollection of that fateful day

Paul Savage leaves the inquest into the disappearance of William Tyrrell at Taree Local Court.
Paul Savage leaves the inquest into the disappearance of William Tyrrell at Taree Local Court.

A Kendall resident's initial account to police of what happened on the day William Tyrrell disappeared, differs to what a coronial inquest heard on Tuesday.

William Tyrrell went missing from his foster grandmother's home at Benaroon Drive, Kendall on September 12, 2014. He was wearing a Spiderman suit at the time.

The third round of week-long hearings of the coronial inquest into the disappearance of William Tyrrell continued into its second day at Taree.

Counsel assisting the coroner Gerard Craddock questioned Mr Savage about his movements on the days leading up to and on September 12, when William disappeared.

The inquest heard on September 12, Mr Savage was alerted to William's disappearance after a knock on his front door by his neighbour.

William Tyrrell.

William Tyrrell.

In Mr Savage's recollection of the day's events he told the inquest he went and saw the foster grandmother and she told him that the two children had been playing 'peepo' when William had disappeared.

Mr Savage said he was told by the foster grandmother, the foster mother went inside, made a cup of tea and then she came out and noticed the 'little fella' was missing.

Mr Craddock asked Mr Savage "are you saying the foster grandmother told you all those things at that time?". Mr Savage responded "at that time yes, only took a moment or two".

Mr Craddock queried Mr Savage over his recollection, citing his statement to police in September 25, 2014, where he made no mention of the foster mother going inside to make a cup of tea or coffee.

"You didn't say anything there about the foster mother making cup of tea or making a cup of anything," Mr Craddock said.

William Tyrrell.

William Tyrrell.

"Are you sure now you recollect something about the foster grandmother recalling the story."

Mr Craddock went on to ask Mr Savage if it was a detail he could have forgotten to mention to police.

"Could have been," Mr Savage said.

Mr Savage told the inquest he was at the foster grandmother's house when he had the conversation with her.

During questioning with Mr Craddock, Mr Savage's account of where he searched first after talking to the foster grandmother also differed from the statement he gave police in September 25, 2014.

Mr Savage told the inquest he went up the hill of Benaroon Drive first to search a neighbour's property.

However Mr Craddock said in Mr Savage's 2014 police statement he had gone across the other side of the road from the foster grandmother's house.

In response Mr Savage said: "Oh yes, I'd forgotten about that".

In Mr Savage's 2014 statement, Mr Craddock said he also told police at this point he had spoken to a couple who also lived at Benaroon Drive - the Crabbs.

Mr Savage told the inquest the couple had told him not to worry about searching the bushland there.

Mr Craddock told the inquest the couple don't recall speaking to Mr Savage.

"They say they never spoke to you but you're sure you spoke to them?," Mr Craddock said.

"Yes I did," Mr Savage said in response.

The inquest continues.

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