GALLERY | NENA, round 12


A1 - BBH 48 v BSR 61; BSR came out firing in the first half with great drive down the court from Kobi Keeley and shooting from Rebecca Moyne. BBH settled in the second half with more accurate passing and integrated team play. Mel Hitchcock's strong hands and accurate shooting contributed to this.

A2 - BBH 33 v BSR 62; BSR started strong with Lucy Meyer shooting strong. Jess Dutschke created turnovers and Lara Jurkovic put great pressure on all the way down the court. Annie Weckert put great pressure on our goalies. Great game BSR. Better luck next time BBH.

B1 - BBH 28 v BSR 45; BBH had a great start, leading by four goals. Second quarter BSR came out at full pace, goalies Maddie Gent and Brooke Cousins moving and shooting well. BBH's Caitlin Hill and Ellen Newbold working well in defence and rebounding strong when the opportunity arose. BBH's Neve Clark-Dollman gave the team some strong leads in the circle and shot well all game. BSR played a great third quarter giving them a win for the day.

B2 - BBH 36 v BSR 26; Both teams started strong with the momentum of the game picking up speed with every centre pass. BBH found a steady pace which gave them consistent passages of play down the court. The defensive pressure by both teams in the goal circle made all goalies work hard. BBH made a few turnovers which were converted and made the difference creating a good win.

C1 - BBH 32 v BSR 25; A slow start by BBH with goals hard to come by for both sides. The girls settled and persistent defence saw them edge away in the second quarter. BSR's Karen Ides accurate shooting assisted, but strong driving and defensive pressure by Kate Clarke and Millie Squire saw BBH take the points.

C2 - BBH 49 v BSR 24; A great defensive game for BBH with increased intensity. BSR fought hard and gave a solid contest. Tahlia Bridger, BSR GA played a strong game making the defences work. Well done to Kerry Anne playing with her height at both ends of the court. A solid performance from BBH's Jodie Stockman in GA, and Sheree Riggs in GD.

15U - BBH 42 v BSR 44; Both teams came out strong with great shooting. BSR GS Tanisha Wakefield held her space well in the circle. BBH was provided with great drive and determination by WD Sienna Stockman. BBH came back in the last quarter to be in the lead but BSR lifted to take the game by two.

J1 - BBH 35 v BSR 13; BBH came out firing with a strong first quarter. BSR showed great determination throughout the game with Isabelle Weckert providing good movement throughout the whole court. BSR defenders fought hard, but Eliza Quinn and Alice Tiver proved a tough combination to beat.

J2 - No Game. J3 - BBH v BSR; Good game by both teams. BSR was just too strong, they are a great little team. Abbie Mirtschin and Jemma Connors played a fantastic game in defence.

J4 - BBH v BSR; An evenly contested game played in good spirits. BSR's Ava White and Taylor Jones worked hard for their team. BBH's Eliza Clarke defended strongly. Anna Schuppan worked hard all over the court. Thanks to the umpires.

J5 - BBH v BSR; Both teams played well, being a very close game. Briannah Angrave from BBH started strong in the mid court. Alice Middleton from BSR played a great game in defence making it difficult for the BBH goalies. Great effort from both teams.

RSMU v Blyth Snowtown

A1 - RSMU 57 v Blyth Snowtown 41; The game started well with both teams shooting well by Paige Rowett and Donna Stewart. Great defensive pressure by Ellen Callery and Alex Roberts throughout the game gave RSMU lots of turnovers. Kasey Biggs and Kerry Heinrich had a good tussle in the centre court but in the end RSMU came away with the win.

A2 - RSMU 54 v Blyth Snowtown 44; RSMU ladies turned up to play today and got off to a great start with Zoe and Jess shooting well. With Bianca back in the side for Blyth Snowtown to control their attack line, defensive pressure was a must from RSMU defenders who delivered. Kristen Allchurch kept presenting for the ball and shot accurately. RSMU pushed out to a 14 goal lead but Blyth Snowtown regrouped and closed the gap to 10 in the last.

B1 - RSMU 39 v Blyth Snowtown 44; RSMU came out well in the first quarter with Rhiannon Bruce shooting accurately. Rhiannon Bruce came off in the second quarter due to hard fall on her right elbow. Hayley Zweck played well at both ends of the court, shooting well for 3 quarters. Rebecca Lockwood created plenty of turn overs through the defensive end of the court for RSMU. Neve Pratt shot well all day and ultimately Blyth Snowtown ran over 5 goal winners.

B2 - RSMU 35 v Blyth Snowtown 37; Excellent game by both sides, playing some really good, strong netball. RSMU playing their best game of the season, maintaining lead throughout first 3 quarters only to lose a couple passes in the last quarter with some excellent intercepts from Blyth Snowtown's Kerry Lee.

Terrific defence from RSMU's Hayley Weber and Emily Goodfellow playing smart netball with the ability to pick off some hard balls. Cats fought that bit harder in the last quarter and came away with a deserving win.

C1 - RSMU 33 v Blyth Snowtown 32; A closely contested game throughout the four quarters with no more than four goals separating the teams at any time. RSMU held sway early with the Cats certainly capitalising on their opportunities with Kristie Pengilly and Melissa Clifford shooting accurately. Carla Przibilla and Chloe Oakley were pivotal in RSMU sneaking home by the barest of margins.

C2 - RSMU 35 v Blyth Snowtown 26; The game started well with RSMU coming out in front as a result of strong forward leading from WA Taryn, hard driving to the top of the ring by Molly and Nicole shooting at 100 per cent.

Second quarter saw Cats' Amber Large play hard. This quarter saw RSMU's defence pick up with BS scoring just 3 to RSMU's 8. By fourth quarter the RSMU girls were playing well as a team slowing passes down, leading out and using their voices. Great game girls, well deserved win!

15U - RSMU 49 v Blyth Snowtown 19; The game started well with both BL/SN and RSMU passing and shooting strongly and accurately.

Good team work, enthusiasm and a keen desire to play well and win meant that both teams passed quickly, moved fast down the court and shot well. At times the girls on both sides tired and made errors, causing turnovers, which then resulted in more goals. In the end, RSMU played too well to take the win.

J1 - No Game. J2 - RSMU 45 v Blyth Snowtown 15; RSMU started strongly in the first quarter with new positions for some players. Blyth/Snowtown's goalies worked really hard but good strong defensive work enabled the RSMU attack to score consistently. RSMU continued to extend their lead throughout the match. Blyth/Snowtown's players continued to work hard and saw some excellent turnovers which resulted in goals for them. Thank you to our green shirt umpires for umpiring the match and doing such a great job.

J3 - RSMU 7 v Blyth Snowtown 4; Both teams came out strong and tried scoring each shot, but unfortunately didn't score all. Both teams had strong defence making it a tough game. RSMU were lucky enough to come out with the win.

J4 - No Game. J5 - RSMU v Blyth Snowtown; Excellent display of skills today from RSMU. Emmison Heinrich from RSMU took some fantastic intercepts all over the court and drew other players into the game. Taylee Clifford from Blyth Snowtown passed and intercepted in each position she played.

North Clare v South Clare

A1 - North Clare 49 v South Clare 45; North started strongly, Millie Heinjus creating turnovers in Souths goal end. Tightly contested, but North maintaining the lead. Second quarter south upping the pressure through the mid court. Third quarter saw a close contest. High pressure fourth quarter, immense pressure applied by both teams across the court.

A2 - North Clare 42 v South Clare 44; South came out fighting and took the lead early, north settled to bring the score back to 2 down. Half time North were up by 2 goals, the margin stayed the same throughout the third with both teams applying enormous defensive pressure. Fourth quarter was a nail bitter goal for goal game. South goalies were cool calm and accurate with a late turnover they got up to win.

B1 - North Clare 55 v South Clare 35; Even start to the game. North came out firing in the second quarter outscoring South 25-14. The final half was evenly contested after changes were made at half time. Congratulations to Sonia Pawelski playing her 300th game.

B2 - North Clare 53 v South Clare 22; A close start with South defense keeping the score within touch. Half time changes for North lifted and steadied the team resulting in a strong second half giving north the points. Vicki Webb was dominant in defense for South and Sally Rolstone was consistently strong through the centre for North.

C1 - North Clare 54 v South Clare 8; North Clare played well through the four quarters. Great structured court play. Accurate shooting from North goalies & moved well. South worked hard with good, strong passages of play. Well done to all girls.

C2 - North Clare 44 v South Clare 30; A closely contended first quarter with North being the first to settle, with great drive and shooting from Mel Lynch. South continued to fight hard in the sending quarter however north capitalized on turnovers to increase their lead at half time.

South's pressure in the third quarter caused many turnovers but North held their composure and finished strongly.

15U - North Clare 17 v South Clare 63; North started well, south continued to attack with excellent goal shooting, Sophie Earle shooting well and good defense from Ellie Johnson. South continued with excellent goal shooting, competition was fierce with extreme pressure from South who continued to dominate to take home a convincing win.

J1 - North Clare 27 v South Clare 19; The first quarter started even before North capitalized on turnovers giving them a lead by 4 at quarter time. Strong defense by South's defenders put pressure on North's goalies. Great driving out from North's Abbie Brereton allowed clear passages of play for North. Great defensive game to watch.

J2 - North Clare 25 v South Clare 12; First quarter was very tight with great pressure from both teams. Mikayla Mason & Keely Pearce worked well and got North out to a good lead in the second quarter. South were strong in the last, but north were able to keep their lead.

J3 - North Clare 12 v South Clare 26; A solid start from both teams with great attack and defense down the court. South settled in the second quarter with great shooting from MacKenzie Victor and Kira Becker. North lifted in the last quarter with some great turnovers and great shooting form Evie Spurling. A great last quarter to watch.

J4 - North Clare v South Clare; The game started with some great intercepting by North's Abby Mason & Tegan Kloock and Souths Dakota Giles. Scarlet Sims shot well after having several weeks off. It was a very fast paced game & south played consistently well. Carla Verco used her voice well for North. North improved throughout the game but were able to convert.

J5 - North Clare v South Clare; South had a great first quarter getting in front of their player & leading to the ball. North had great defense giving them lots of opportunities. Edwina Callary did well running the centre. Zoe Lynch provided many intercepts for North. The third quarter saw North have some cracking passages of play down the court which really flowed. Souths Isabell Quinton & Isla Manhood provided great drive into their attack, great game girls.

MinMan v Eudunda/Robertson;

A1 - MinMan 46 v Eud/Rob 41; MinMan started strong in the first quarter to be up 13-5. Southern Saints worked hard to narrow the lead 23-19 at half time. The next half saw many turnovers and strong physical play by both teams. Gracie Ross and Kimberley Mitchell combined well in attack for MinMan. Jess Geister worked hard in defence. MinMan held on with great determination to hold the lead at full time.

A2 - MinMan 30 v Eud/Rob 47; First quarter saw the Saints take a great lead by 5 with some strong play and shooting by Molly Bruhn. Saints took their lead further with strong defence, shooting and passages of play. MinMan's defence worked hard to gain the ball. Third quarter saw MinMan come out strong with great shooting by Jodie Allen and Phoebe Graham but couldn't take any lead in the game. Saints were too strong for MinMan.

B1 - MinMan 53 v Eud/Rob 36; Both teams came out strong right from the start with a goal for goal quarter. MinMan fired up in the second quarter with accurate shooting by Bron Ross and many turnovers from the MinMan defenders resulting in a 9 goal lead at half time. The Saints worked hard in the second half but MinMan proved too strong taking home the win.

B2 - MinMan 68 v Eud/Rob 34; Strong start by MinMan with the goalies having many shooting opportunities and rebounding well to have a lead of 7 at the first break. The second half saw some great passages of play by both teams but MinMan still holding onto that lead until the end of the game.

C1 - MinMan 35 v Eud/Rob 36; Evenly contested game with both teams making the most of their turnovers with the lead changing at different times. A tight last quarter with the Saints prevailing.

C2 - MinMan 40 v Eud/Rob 23; The Saints started strong with determined play and accurate shooting. MinMan's centre clearances facilitated them to establish a firm lead at quarter time. Despite a tight defence from the Saints, accurate shooting by Sophie Smith resulted in MinMan taking the win.

15U - MinMan 44 v Eud/Rob 59; Saints came out firing with a great first quarter. Breea Shultz shot beautifully and gave the Saints a strong early lead. The rest of the game was more evenly played with MinMan applying more pressure. Charlotte Bradley in centre for MinMan turned over many balls but the Saints held onto win by 15.

J1 - No Game. J2 - MinMan 39 v Eud/Rob 20; An even first half with the Saints goalies Isabella Schiller and Isabella Chenoweth shooting accurately. MinMan made changes at half time and played a strong quarter defending and shooting well. MinMan's Annie Smith had a solid game in goals and Chloe Hodge tried hard all game at WD.

J3 - MinMan 19 v Eud/Rob 3; A great competitive game with both teams working hard. Saints defended well all game and some great rounding by MinMan. Both teams played well with many turnovers but MinMan were able to come away with the win.

J4 - MinMan v Eud/Rob; Great game, great competition and well done to the Saints for being so competitive.

J5 - MinMan v Eud/Rob; Saints were focused with Eloura Mosey and Bridget Williams strong in defence. Fantastic team work from MinMan, Chloe Ackland and Amelia Duncan lead well and had effective intercepts down the court.

Beatrix moved well in the ring and shot well.