NENA, round 11

BSR v Min Man

A1 - BSR 45 v Min Man 35; A tightly contested match in very blustery conditions saw BSR lead by 4 at quarter time. The second quarter was again another even one with BSR leading by 5 at the half time break. In the 3rd, BSR's defensive pressure rose, resulting in a number of turnovers through Min Man's midcourt and goal circle, BSR doubling their lead in this term to be 10 up at the last change.

A2 - BSR 47 v Min Man 45; Min Man started strong, working well through the court, taking the lead early. BSR shot well in the 2nd quarter and the 3rd was evenly matched. Both teams chasing the ball hard. In the 4th quarter BSR held a tight defensive game making the most of their turnovers to win by 2.

B1 - BSR 40 v Min Man 50; Evenly matched in the first quarter, both teams coming out strong. Min Man had a height advantage having tall shooters and defenders. The speed and precision of the Min Man midcourt assisted them in running away with the win.

B2 - BSR 37 v Min Man 40; Windy conditions but still a good quality game. Min Man's young and fast team shot to a 1st quarter lead that they held for the remaining three quarters. A late comeback for the Tigers reduced the margin for the Eagles to win.

C1 - BSR 30 v Min Man 42; BSR came out strong, with accurate shooting. Min Man intercepts won the quarter. Min Man too strong in the 3rd quarter. With a very even fourth quarter, Min Man held their lead to win.

C2 - BSR 33 v Min Man 50; First quarter saw both teams dealing with windy conditions well. Ball movement was quick and the shooters from both ends adjusted easily. Min Man tightened their defence in the 2nd and 3rd, Leah Edmunds strong in the ring, shutting down BSR's scoring. Latarsha Wakefield defended hard for BSR and positive teamwork saw them win the 4th quarter. Min Man too strong overall running out winners.

15U - BSR 29 v Min Man 53; An even first quarter, with both teams moving and shooting well. Min Man took advantage of changes to BSR's midcourt, with an 18 goal lead at half time. BSR settled to their positions creating a much more even 2nd half, but Min Man's strong centre drive, led by Mia Fogden proved too strong.

J1 - BSR 33 v Min Man 18; A strong 4 quarters by BSR saw them stretch the lead each break to run out eventual 15 point winners. Holly Weckert for BSR and Emmi Nicholls for Min Man both worked hard in the ring, shooting well. Many turnovers through the centre by Erin Wheaton ensured that BSR spent lots of time in attack. Min Man rallied well in the 3rd during a slow patch by BSR but were unable to contain them for long and BSR picked up speed finishing strong.

J2 - No Game. J3 - BSR 10 v Min Man 31; An even start to the game with both goal ends moving well. BSR worked hard however Min Man had great court structure and made clear leads resulting in a strong win for the Eagles.

J4 - BSR v Min Man; Today was a fast moving game. Min Man started fast and managed to get goals quickly. In the second quarter BSR fought back. The last quarter was even. Min Man shot well all game and were strong in attack. Great defensive work by Ava White and Sophie Weckert.

J5 - BSR v Min Man; A well matched and close game. BSR dominated for the first half with very good goal shooting and leading by Alice Millington and Paige Jones. Min Man gained strength and even scores in the second half with strong play by Scarlett Cooper, Chloe Ackland and Macy Ackland.

Blyth Snowtown v North Clare

A1 - Blyth Snowtown 42 v North Clare 55; A great start by both teams with scores going goal for goal for most of the first quarter with north leading by 1 at the first break. With a new line up once again for Blyth Snowtown Cherie Stirling settled in to combine well with Bec Jamieson & Ella Roberts. Scores were even at half time, but North broke away with consistent shooting by Alyssa Pawelski and Emma Meaney and awesome drives by Chelsea Panoho to provide opportunity.

A2 - Blyth Snowtown 45 v North Clare 52; A close tussle for the first quarter saw North Clare lead by 1 goal at the first break. Great defensive pressure all over the court by both teams. Bernie Altmann moved and converted goals well for Blyth Snowtown. The first half was a tight game with neither team having the ability to take control. Blyth Snowtown came out in the last quarter and pegged a 10 goal lead back to 7.

B1 - Blyth Snowtown 39 v North Clare 52; North Clare started strongly with strong drive through the centre court from Danielle Panoho and Hayley Reid. North increased their lead in the 2nd quarter with accurate shooting by Renee Scott. Neralie Wearn came on for BS into C and provided speed and quick passes. Ruby Stringer came on for North into GA and provided accurate shooting. The 4th quarter again was evenly matched.

B2 - Blyth Snowtown 40 v North Clare 36; Cats got off to a great start with good intercepts from Tahlia Tilley and shooting from Chloe Nicholls to capitalise. Both teams made swaps in the second quarter which saw North Clare peg back the lead through good defence from Katie Lewcock. The last quarter went goal for goal with good composure from both teams and shooting under pressure.

C1 - Blyth Snowtown 27 v North Clare 34; North Clare started the game well capitalising on 2 early turnovers through defenders Emma Rose and Alex Butterick. Blyth Snowtown came out fighting in the second quarter and reduced North Clare's lead to 1 goal at half time. Melissa Clifford returned to the goal circle and both she and Kristie Brackstone made it harder for North Clare defenders but North Clare broke away in the last quarter to take a comfortable win.

C2 - Blyth Snowtown 28 v North Clare 54; Both teams showed great play down the court in the first half to see the score going goal for goal. North Clare broke away in the second half through accurate shooting from Melissa Lynch & Marie Mullighan. Blyth Snowtown tried hard but could not catch North Clare in a very good game to watch.

15U - Blyth Snowtown 33 v North Clare 23; Great steady game from the start by Cats. Second quarter was steady with the Cats only increasing their score by 1 at half time. North made some changes for the third quarter with Imogen Hawker coming on as fresh legs in C and they kept the scoring even by three quarter time. The final quarter saw Millie Roberts come back on for the Cats with some great intercepts and strong rebounding.

J1 - Blyth Snowtown 5 v North Clare 26; From the first whistle both teams had strong defence with Cats's GK Brooke Jamieson getting many touches and intercepts along side Cats's GD Ocea Ebsary also getting many touches. North Clare GS Lilli Smith had accurate shooting from start to finish, North's defence Abbie Brereton (GD) and Madison Coles (GK) had Blyth Snowtown working hard to get ball into the goal circle.

J2 - Blyth Snowtown 6 v North Clare 43; Although Blyth Snowtown had a good first quarter with good movement from Emma Slattery in the ring, North Clare were always in control. Evelyn Tilley played a strong game for North Clare in the mid court backing up her team and chasing loose balls.

J3 - Blyth Snowtown v North Clare; North Clare played well in first half with early scoring opportunities capitalised on by Isabella Callery & Chelsea McDonnell. Blyth Snowtown was unable to catch them but played well in last half with good play down the court.

J4 - Blyth Snowtown v North Clare; A very even match with some great passages of play by both teams. Some lovely goals were scored by Kartia Altmann for the Cats and Teagan Kloock for North. Consistent court play by both teams with great skills made for a lovely game for all.

J5 - Blyth Snowtown v North Clare; WOW!! What a game! Both teams played a great game. It was exciting to watch every quarter. All girls did so well in every position they played today. Sophie Meaney and Charleen Booker played great attack for North Clare and Mikayla Eime doing a super job with her intercepts and defence for Blyth Snowtown.

South Clare v RSMU

A1 - South Clare 52 v RSMU 45; Both teams began strongly with full court pressure causing numerous turnovers. South put together a fantastic display of team work to be 9 goals up at quarter time. Accurate shooting by Katie Liebelt and Katie Woodrow along with formidable defence from Sallyanne Heinrich and Chloe Cook allowed South to be up by 12 at 1/2 time. The last quarter saw an even contest.

A2 - South Clare 50 v RSMU 45; A very even start with both teams applying pressure all over the court being 10 all at quarter time. South were able to capitalise on their opportunities in the second to have a 2 goal lead at half time. Abby Griffiths played an outstanding game in defence for RSMU providing many opportunities. Bella Rawlings was a solid target in South's goal circle and through some steady play South were able to take the win by 5.

B1 - South Clare 31 v RSMU 39; RSMU came out like a Tonka Truck taking down South to take the lead by 8 in the 1 st quarter. South maintained a consistent pace, but RSMU held their lead for the whole game with accurate shooting against the stellar performance of our defence.

B2 - South Clare 22 v RSMU 25; Excellent game by both teams. South Clare came out strong with Vikki Webb and Sophie Driver shooting the first few goals. RSMU led by 3 goals at half time. Overall a great game by both teams, but RSMU maintaining their three goal lead until the final whistle blew.

C1 - South Clare 13 v RSMU 41; RSMU dominated the game from the beginning with quick goals to lead 15-4. South's goalies quietly persisted throughout the game. South Clare's Louise Lehmann had a tough battle in centre court with RSMU Carla Prizibilla. RSMU continued to lead each quarter despite South Clare's Rachel Braisher remaining relentless in defence against RSMU accurate shooting. RSMU had convincing win.

C2 - South Clare 27 v RSMU 30; Strong start by both teams with great defence by Sharon Edwards and Samantha Dinham. Ivy Rose Samuel fought hard to keep the play flowing down the court, three quarter time saw a draw but RSMU came back hard to secure the win. Great even game by both teams.

15U - South Clare 29 v RSMU 36; Strong start by RSMU, with their goal circle defenders, Tegan Senar and Ebony Brown forcing several turnovers that made the difference in the first quarter. Despite being down one player in the second quarter, RSMU weren't deterred, staying ahead by three. South Clare applied good pressure at the start of the third quarter with good intensity throughout the game by South's GD Ellie Johnson.

J1 - No Game. J2 - South Clare 7 v RSMU 24; A great first quarter by both teams with RSMU goalies finishing well. Kalee Noble was strong in C all game for the Hawkettes creating many turnovers. South took a while to settle with many new combinations and missed several of their regular players. South really tightened up in the second half but the lead RSMU had established in the first half was too great.

J3 - South Clare 14 v RSMU 3; RSMU defence pressure on South's attack in the first quarter was tight. Both teams were evenly matched. South's Dakota Giles took some great intercepts to help South take the lead in the second. South spread out in the third quarter, which lead to better flow down the court. RSMU came out hard in the fourth to take a quick goal but South was too good on the day.

J4 - No Game. J5 - South Clare v RSMU; A great start was made by South, with impressive defensive pressure from Maddison Wehr and Harper Perkins finished with accurate shooting by Isla Manhood. RSMU fought back hard in the second with great defensive play which made for a very evenly matched game.

Eudunda/Robertstown v BBH

A1 - Eud/Rob 44 v BBH 26; It was a good tight even start by both teams, the Saints just with their nose in front at the first break. BBH came out in the second quarter and an early break to even the scores. The third quarter saw lots of physical play down both ends however the Saints maintained consistency and accuracy. The last quarter ended the game more on an even playing field with BBH having a few forced changes due to injury but the Saints ran the game out with an 18 point win.

A2 - Eud/Rob 43 v BBH 25; BBH were off to a good start, shooting 4 before the Saints scored, but to the credit of the Saint's tight defence, they came back to within a goal at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter saw good play through the Saints centre, intercepting a few loose balls. The third quarter BBH worked hard in their goals, shooting well but the Saints worked harder and were too strong in the end.

B1 - Eud/Rob 38 v BBH 26; It was a nice steady start for both teams, with each end shooting with accuracy. The Saints were able to make use of multiple intercepts to get the lead while BBH worked hard in the ring to tighten the gap. BBH played a very strong last quarter turning the ball over many times to make it hard for the Saints to keep it in their attacking line.

B2 - Eud/Rob 32 v BBH 46; BBH started with a steady and controlled attack line, giving them an early lead. The Saints worked hard defensively to close the gap, chasing loose balls and making plenty of turnovers but not consolidating into goals. BBH found rhythm and played consistent netball to always hold the lead. The last quarter BBH continued to improve their court drive, ending in a strong win.

C1 - Eud/Rob 30 v BBH 32; It was a consistent effort for both teams, amazing shooting at both ends. BBH's midcourt was strong while the Saint's defence worked well together. Well done all.

C2 - Eud/Rob 26 v BBH 32; The Saints began this match with a determined mindset, ready to let BBH know they meant business. Both teams were scoring goal for goal and while the Saints were in the lead until the third quarter, BBH fought hard and took the lead by 6 goals. A very competitive game, well done to all.

15U - Eud/Rob 57 v BBH 33; The Saints hit the court running! Great movement and open space with the Saint shooters very accurate. BBH kept applying pressure to make the Saints work for the ball but the Saints managed to increase the margin with great driving and passing through the centre court.

J1 - No Game. J2 - Eud/Rob 8 v BBH 27; Both teams started strong in defence. BBH then found consistent form and shot accurately to take a clear lead. The Saints tried different positions to find clear leads but BBH responded with a defensive game and continued to accurately shoot.

J3 - Eud/Rob 30 v BBH 2; It was a strong game by the Saint girls, with confident shooting and tight defence. BBH kept trying and led well in their midcourt. The Saints finished the game as they started. Well done all for a good game with plenty of sportsmanship shown.

J4 - Eud/Rob v BBH; It was a hard fought game by both teams. BBH defended well in the first half and made the Saints work hard for the ball. The second half opened up better for the Saints with a more even contest and better leading for the ball. BBH shot well all game.

J5 - Eud/Rob v BBH; BBH came out strong from their first intercept and never stopped with great intercepting and accurate shooting. To the Saints credit, they never gave up.