NENA, round 10

BSR v Blyth Snowtown

A1 - BSR 51 v Blyth Snowtown 31; In gusty conditions scoring was challenging for both teams early in the game. Second quarter saw BSR convert a lot more accurately resulting in a thirteen goal lead at half time.

The changes Blyth Snowtown made at half time saw the third quarter a more even contest. BSR finished the game strongly winning by 20 goals.

A2 - BSR 50 v Blyth Snowtown 44; The game started with a tight contest between BSR and Blyth Snowtown with both teams converting well. Both teams continued to fight hard in the second quarter.

The Cats playing a very attacking quarter in the third taking the lead. BSR fought back in the final quarter to get the win, with great defensive pressure by Montanna Doudle all game.

B1 - BSR 52 v Blyth Snowtown 56; Very even game, both teams came out firing, great work by goalies on both teams saw a high scoring game. A tight contested last quarter saw Blyth Snowtown come away with the win.

B2 - BSR 24 v Blyth Snowtown 26; A close contest all game with windy conditions making it difficult for the shooters. Great quality netball making a very close, low scoring game. Very evenly matched teams, showing on the ladder and on the court.

C1 - BSR 24 v Blyth Snowtown 41; Both teams came out strong, lots of turnovers by both teams. Blyth Snowtown defence taking strong turnovers with their shooters accurately converting. Chloe Bolitho very accurate with goals, helping Blyth Snowtown to a good win.

C2 - BSR 44 v Blyth Snowtown 26; Tigers lead by 12 in the first, then the Cats came back fighting. A close game in the wet conditions but the Tigers put up a good fight to end up with an 18 goal win.

15U - BSR 33 v Blyth Snowtown 22; An even start to the game saw the score 13 all at half time. BSR defenders Krystal Rains and Jorja Lillecrap read the play well, providing many intercepts and turnovers. Blyth Snowtown midcourter Jasmine Elsworthy fed well in the ring but BSR capitalised on every turnover to come away with the win.

J1 - BSR 36 v Blyth Snowtown 14; Strong defence and intercepts allowed BSR to start the game with a 4 goal lead at quarter time. Blyth Snowtown found their feet in the second quarter, matching BSR goal for goal. Both teams intercepted and defended well, creating many turnovers. Isabelle Weckert and Erin Wheaton's strong centre drive saw BSR take away the win.

J2 - No Game.

J3 - BSR 1 v Blyth Snowtown 13; BSR moved down the court well, throwing the ball into space. Greta Pratt was strong in the defence however BSR goalies were far too accurate and came away with a convincing win.

J4 - BSR v Blyth Snowtown; Blyth Snowtown played a strong game today. BSR defense were under pressure under a tight contest with great shooting by the Cats. BSR had some beautiful passages of play but the Cats cleverly intercepted many times.

J5 - BSR v Blyth Snowtown; Blyth Snowtown moved well in the mid court with good passes. Some great intercepts by Hazel Michael and Elle Richards but BSR dominated play with good passes and movement down the court. Accurate shooting by Asha Longbottom resulting in a win.

North Clare v RSMU

A1 - North Clare 34 v RSMU 43; Great contest over the court saw the game start at a frantic pace. Both sides showed great fight with some fantastic passages of play. Sophie Griffiths was tight in defense for RSMU with Jess McInerney and Jess Hier connecting well in goals.

North's Millie Heinjus and Taylah Edwards fought hard with Chelsea Panoho and Chloe Cross providing beautiful drives through the court. RSMU too good in the end winning by 9.

A2 - North Clare 40 v RSMU 30; Tight first quarter with RSMU leading by 1. Second saw similar goal for goal with north turning over and getting up by 1 at half time. With a couple of changes and words of inspiration from coach Rach, North put there foot down and managed to get up by 10 goals.

B1 - North Clare 53 v RSMU 37; North started strong, up by 7 at quarter time & staying consistently strong through all quarters. Dani Panoho and Tali Yard in centre had a tough contest, a tough game played with North winning by 16 in the end.

B2 - North Clare 45 v RSMU 27; Great pressure by both sides. North stared well with goalies shooting well. RSMU came back in the second half but Norths defense were too strong.

C1 - North Clare 30 v RSMU 47; Even first quarter by both teams with consistency. Second quarter RSMU took control of the game moving well and shooting accurately. RSMU played too well for North

C2 - North Clare 32 v RSMU 24; A strong start by both teams with strong defense causing many turnovers.

Ellie Redden drove hard through the centre for North and Mel Lynch and Ashley White capitalized with accurate shooting. RSMU continued to fight hard applying pressure and closing down the gap in the last quarter. North managed to hang on for the win.

15U - North Clare 13 v RSMU 63; Strong play by RSMU throughout the court. Great shooting by the RSMU goalies.

Sophie Pink was an asset to North taking strong catches. Awesome effort by the North Clare girls never giving up. Very convincing win the RSMU.

J1 - No Game.

J2 - North Clare 24 v RSMU 24; What a great game of netball, both sides came out strong with RSMU up by 3 at quarter time. North defense Lainey Mullighan and Eliza Fels worked hard and made many turnovers.

While RSMU goalies Mollie Adams and Maddie Przibilla shot well to keep Riverton up most of the game. Last quarter saw North work hard all over the court to end up with a draw. Fantastic work to all the girls.

J3 - North Clare 12 v RSMU 2; A great start form both teams with some strong passages of play down the court.

North settled quickly with great shooting from Evie Spurling and Isabella Callery. RSMU made some great turnovers in the second half. A great effort from both teams.

J4 - No Game.

J5 - North Clare v RSMU; North girls had a fabulous start with Macey Schell having great drive in the centre. Madison Wood and Mia Lynch worked very well in the goal ring and finished with great shooting.

RSMU showed good determination in the second quarter with great defense from Emily Linckers.

RSMU made some changes for the third quarter and had great passages of play. North kept playing well with RSMU coming back strong in the last quarter. Well done girls.

BBH v Min Man

A1 - BBH 40 v MinMan 31; BBH came to play this week. The first half was an all over team effort with intercepts by Kate Phin being converted to goals. Min Man's Emma Carling played a solid four quarters in centre.

BBH up by nine at half time. The second half was a tighter game with Gracie Ross moved to GS, which seemed to control MM's attacking end. Mel Hitchcock and Holly Dale were strong in goals for BBH. BBH's first win of the season saw all seven players play great netball.

A2 - BBH 34 v MinMan 44; BBH came out firing, hungry for a win. Jessica Dutschke put the pressure on Min/Man by rarely missing a goal. The BBH defenders kept the pressure on giving BBH a lead at quarter time.

Unfortunately BBH didn't capitalise on their turnovers and Bronwen Ross held strong in GS, rarely missing. A strong competition and great game by all players.

B1 - BBH 30 v MinMan 35; Our B1's have had a slow start to the season, but this week's game left all of that behind and they had all eyes on the win.

Both teams showed great defensive pressure from end to end. Karen Palmer (MM) had the BBH goalies working over time.

The BBH goal defenders made it extremely tough for Min Man to work it in. A fantastic contest, and a great fight from both sides.

BBH walking away with a loss, but one that is 30 goals less than the last time they faced Min Man.

B2 - BBH 22 v MinMan 39; Min Man started strong in the first quarter with BBH slow to react and find flow with the ball down the court. Min Man's defensive pressure determined the pace of play and created turnovers.

BBH fought hard in the third quarter with fantastic efforts by Caitlin Stockman and Ellie Hilder. Min Man's Kristy Schutz fed with precision into as Genevieve Edmunds increasing their lead throughout the match.

C1 - BBH 30 v MinMan 30; First quarter was tight by both teams. Great movement by Min Man's Lara Smith opened up play nicely.

Kloe Wenzel and Amelia Squire were tight in BBH defence throughout the game. Min Man got a couple of great intercepts in the second which saw them turn the lead into their hands to be up by two at half time.

BBH fought back winning the third quarter by one. Lily Cavalier shot well as did the BBH goalies in the last quarter. BBH won the last quarter which levelled the scored in the end.

C2 - BBH 35 v MinMan 23; A tight first half with BBH down by two. Min Man's Mikayla Hadley played a strong game against BBH's Kareena Opperman. A change of positions by BBH settled the set plays down the court.

15U - BBH 42 v MinMan 33; BBH started strongly from the first whistle - with defensive intercepts early by Jessica Cousins and Lily Smith.

Min Man's Olivia Hadley and Mia Fogden were strong throughout the centre, keeping scores close.

BBH Centre Tilly Nicholls' many intercepts were converted by strong shooting. Excellent defence saw BBH win the game.

J1 - BBH 26 v MinMan 10; Both teams came out strong and determined for the win. Conditions were tough in the wind. Scarlett Parker from Min Man proved strong in the ring, keeping Min Man in the game.

BBH's Alice Tiver showed great poise in a number of positions helping BBH come away with the win. Great sportsmanship shown by both sides.

J2 - BBH 15 v MinMan 18; An amazing game by BBH with great moving in the ring by Millie Bavistock and Grace Cunningham.

Min Man's Abbie Skinner shot and moved well in the first half providing a good competition for BBH's Flick Stockman and Keira Schuppan.

The second half saw BBH increase the pressure through the mid court to close the gap. Overall a really fantastic game by both teams.

J3 - BBH v MinMan; Min Man were a strong team for our J3's. Multiple J2 players used by Min Man vs multiple J4 players used by us created a divide in abilities.

BBH persisted and worked together as a team. Well done girls.

J4 - BBH v MinMan; A tightly contested first half with some great skills on show. Audrey Wadlow (BBH) intercepted well. Sophie Stockman (MM) played strongly at both ends of the court. Some even match ups that challenged both sides.

J5 - BBH v MinMan; Beautiful weather in Burra this week, bit different to last week. Min Man played a very strong game with strong passing.

BBH fought back and had some good intercepts taken in defence by Kaidance Tippet. Well done to both teams, great game.

Eudunda/Robertson v South Clare

A1 - Eud/Rob 45 v South Clare 46; It was a great start to the game by both sides with the Saints making clear drives in their attacking end and providing pressure in the defensive circle to be up by 4 at the first break.

South made some mid court changes, however the Saints continued their drive and pressure throughout the court, up by 9 at half time.

South came out in the third quarter with more fight and drive with them causing more pressure, commitment and accurate shooting to close the gap, only being down by 1 at the last break.

South continued their role in the game, the Saints tried and fought until the end but South came out on top.

A2 - Eud/Rob 45 v South Clare 44; It was a fast, even first quarter with all goalies setting quickly to gear up for a great game.

The second quarter didn't disappoint with the Saint's Courtney Doecke shooting and moving well. Kristy Lewis settled South to give them a 2 goal lead at half time.

The Saint defenders rebounded well to provide the goalies with more opportunities to swing the lead.

A fiery last quarter with both teams determined to win with the game going from goal to goal with the Saints coming away victors by 1.

B1 - Eud/Rob 33 v South Clare 32; Both teams went into this game strong and confident, shooting accurately and making use of all rebounds.

A few changes for the Saints gave South a great run in the 2nd and 3rd with the Saints having to fight hard to keep the lead.

A great game by both teams.

B2 - Eud/Rob 49 v South Clare 29; The Saints started strong in the first quarter leading by 10 at the first break. Clear leads and strong passes kept South chasing.

The second quarter South became more defensive and became stronger.

South made changes to their attacking line with them converting on the scoreboard. The Saints held onto clear leads with accurate shooting and team play to come away victors by 20.

C1 - Eud/Rob 48 v South Clare 20; It was a strong contest throughout the game. South's midcourt worked well with the Saint shooters being accurate. Well done all on a great game.

C2 - Eud/Rob 25 v South Clare 24; The Saints began the match with great determination, utilising steady passing while the wind made hard work of obtaining goals, they kept working at scoring.

South turned up the heat and turned over many balls, closing the gap even more. A very well contested game.

15U - Eud/Rob 47 v South Clare 41; It was a very even first quarter with both teams showing great passages of play. The game continued with tight defence by both teams and accurate shooting by the Saints and South. The Saint's determination and great movement in the last quarter saw them win by 6

J1 - No Game. J2 - Eud/Rob 6 v South Clare 30; South came out strong and determined in the first quarter using their height as an advantage and capitalising on all lobs.

The Saints worked hard to defend but South played a strong attacking game to increase their lead each quarter and won convincingly. The Saints kept their heads held high and kept pressure on to the end.

J3 - Eud/Rob 19 v South Clare 16; South started strongly with some good feeding into their goal circle.

The Saints came in the second quarter with some more fight and evened the scores.

The game continued to be an even match with some good one on one player match ups.

The Saints ended up with the win but the game was awesome by both sides.

J4 - Eud/Rob v South Clare; South played a strong game of netball all game, resulting in many goals.

The Saints didn't give up and were excited to score a goal.

They continued to apply pressure and worked hard but South were too strong on the day.

J5 - Eud/Rob v South Clare; It was a good game played by all. South played a very open game moving the ball well.

The Saints defended very well all game making South think about their passing.