Working it out together

Regional Council of Goyder Mayor, Peter Mattey

Regional Council of Goyder Mayor, Peter Mattey

In the pursuit of a sustainable equitable and financially stable council, the Goyder council pays particular attention to the management and maintenance of good governance at all levels.

On a practical level, to paraphrase Code of Conduct legislation; councillors have a commitment to work together and uphold values of honesty, integrity, accountability and transparency; leading to community confidence in local government at all times, and in all representations.

It is important to note; that councillors have a duty to work together and carry out their functions as representatives of their community and region conscientiously.

This duty must result in best practice leadership; actively listening and delivering authentically at all times.

Over the years, Goyder has enjoyed a better than average record in councillor behavioural standards and conduct.

In the main, Goyder councillors behaviour over the years has been exemplary.

In line with current Codes of Conduct, it is imperative that councillors are mindful of the appropriate guidelines.

At Goyder particular attention is paid to educating and guiding members in the current legislation.

Independent processes have scope for reporting and disciplining councillors who choose to 'step out of line' and breach codes.

It has been widely reported in the media of recent times, a range of disharmonies within councils in South Australia.

This has resulted in factional decision making processes and outcomes, and has disrespected fellow members.

Factional behaviours, and their associated repercussions, do not enhance or add to good decision making. Goyder Council and staff strive to work together harmoniously to provide the best outcomes for the region.

The Local Government Association provides support to councils across South Australia in developing best practice.

It regularly offers training to members to support individual councils in providing professional development opportunities in line with current legislation. Goyder councillors regularly avail themselves of these opportunities.

Current and proposed legislation for local government provides mechanisms for councils to effectively address disruptive and dysfunctional behaviour; to further enable consistency when dealing with poor behaviour.

It is Goyder's aim to ensure that policies, procedures and practical applications are in line with best practice; and that councillors bring their 'best game' to all representations, and in all related endeavours.

Peter Mattey, Mayor,

Regional Council of Goyder