Match reports and photos from the weekend

Blyth Snowtown v Eudunda/Robertstown

A1 - BS 26 v Eud/Rob 60; The Cats attackers were unable to adjust to the rain and Saints took advantage of dropped balls, however Cats defenders Ella Roberts and Jayne Atkinson took some beautiful intercepts. Georgina Pfitzner and Lisa AhChee were dominant with their passing and finishing of accurately.

A2 - BS 47 v Eud/Rob 40; Both the Cats and Saints came out firing, but the Cats got their hands to balls creating turnovers and coming out of the first 4 up. Both teams kept the intensity up in the second with lots of touches and good shooting at both ends, ending in an equal second quarter. The rain kept it to another equal quarter in the third. The Cats kept their heads to take the win.

B1 - BS 47 v Eud/Rob 19; A strong first quarter with great shooting by Neve Pratt in the rain. The rain continued in the 2nd quarter, again strong shooting by BS. Good defensive pressure applied by Lisa Flanagan. A relatively even third quarter. Fourth quarter saw great shooting again by BS through Bernie Altmann. Emily Jaeschke continued to provide defensive pressure.

B2 - BS 28 v Eud/Rob 29; It was quite an even game with each quarter being only a couple goals each way. Both teams showed patches of good play and patches of scrappy play when the pressure was on. Kira Stacey shot well for ER all game and had a great contest with BS's Sarah Frape. Abbie O'Brien ran well for ER creating space down the court and feeding well into the goalies.

C1 - BS 33 v Eud/Rob 27; BS won the toss and started with the C pass. ER defenders created a turnover shooting the first goal for the game. Second quarter BS settled and with accurate shooting by BS goalies Kristie Pengilly and Mel Clifford created a 5 goal lead. ER changed their attacking line and shortened the lead.

C2 - BS 19 v Eud/Rob 38; Both teams making a good first quarter making the game even, and brilliant defence across court from both Saints and Cats. During the second quarter Cats GK Amber Large rebounded well with Saints working well getting some intercepts along the way. Saints worked really well across whole court to stay in a strong lead during the third quarter, and the final win.

15U - BS 20 v Eud/Rob 47; A strong start by the Saints leading by 7 at quarter time with very accurate shooting by Temika and Breea. The Cats made some changes in the third and took some time to adjust and the Saints used this to their advantage to increase their lead. The Cats made further changes in the final quarter and managed to outscore the Saints by one but overall a strong win by Saints.

J1 - No Game. J2 - BS 20 v Eud/Rob 7; The Saints defenders put great pressure on all of the Cats shots at goal. Cats goalies Emma Slattery and Sorayah White moved well in the ring and played to each other's strengths under the tight defence. Chloe Jamieson's good vision down the court allowed her to put some strong passes into the ring. The whole team played to the best of their ability and came out with a strong win, good job girls, great win.

J3 - BS 2 v Eud/Rob 19; ER had a great start to the game in wet conditions. BS settled in the game and were better in last half. Saints shot well and their strong defence made it difficult for BS to score. Well done to both teams for playing their best on a cold, wet morning in Snowtown.

J4 - BS v Eud/Rob; In freezing conditions both teams did their very best. Court play was very even by both teams byt BS was able to finish off more often in the goal ring. Cats Paige McGregor and Bridget Slattery had a great fight throughout the game and Saints never gave up. J5 - No Game.


A1 - RSMU 44 v BBH 35; A good game by both sides. RSMU's goalies Jess McInerney and Paige Rowett provided accurate shooting options all game. BBH applied some solid defensive pressure via Emma Shattock and Kirsty Glacken in the circle creating some crucial turnovers for their team, however RSMU stood strong to secure the points at the final whistle.

A2 - RSMU 40 v BBH 22; A great start by RSMU with strong defence and accurate shooting by Zoe and Jess Heir. BBH centre Rebecca tried hard all day to inspire her team but RSMU defenders Jacinta and Alex didn't give their goalies an inch and continued to turn the ball over. Jessica and Caitlin from BBH worked tirelessly for the 4 quarters but RSMU were too strong throughout.

B1 - RSMU 44 v BBH 16; In tough wet and cold conditions RSMU started well with RSMU's Rachael McInerney shooting accurately throughout the game. RSMU made the most of their opportunities capitalising on the turnovers created by the centre court pressure. BBH found it difficult to transition the ball and score due to the full court pressure RSMU applied. RSMU were able to secure a hard fought win.

B2 - RSMU 27 v BBH 30; Great start to the game by both teams, strongly contesting the ball and maintaining the pressure throughout the first half of the match. The defencive pressure from both teams was a highlight with RSMU's Hayley Weber and BBH's Caitlin Stockman leading the way. RSMU lost their momentum in the second half with BBH seizing these opportunities. Both teams despite the trying conditions shot accurately but BBH had the lead when the final whistle blew.

C1 - RSMU 46 v BBH 24; The first quarter was evenly contested; South Clare's Louise Lehman was a key player, moving the ball to their attack. A strong defence line by Blyth/Snowtown in the second quarter saw them increase the lead to 11 goals. South Clare's young team did not give up and their goalies shooting accuracy kept them in the game. An excellent finish for Blyth Snowtown, with accurate shooting by Mel Clifford and Kristie Pengilly, BS winning the game by 25 goals.

C2 - RSMU 27 v BBH 42; The young and enthusiastic BBH girls started strongly in the poor weather conditions applying consistent full court pressure making in difficult for RSMU to create fluent movement into their attack line. Scores were close at half time with RSMU only slightly in front. Changes by both teams opened the game up with RSMU able to eventually shake off a determined BBH line up. Well done to all girls on court in very trying conditions, and a shout out to the umpires as well.

15U - RSMU 55 v BBH 21; A very wet and icy cold start to the day and both teams came out strongly with good passing and quick movements and interceptions. RSMU managed to get away quickly with solid passing into the goal circle. BBH had some good passages of play and their goalies rewarded the team efforts scoring when they got the opportunity. The final scores are not reflective of the standard and competitive nature of the contest.

J1 - No Game. J2 - RSMU 44 v BBH 8; RSMU stated with a burst and controlled the game from the outset. Strong play in the circle bt Madie Przibilla and Molli Adams who backed each other up very well was a highlight. Talyse Fender played well at WA for RSMU and worked really hard. The last quarter saw some positional changes by both teams. RSMU continued to keep the score board in their favour.

J3 - RSMU 6 v BBH 10; Strong attacking and defending from both teams. Very even throughout the whole game. In the last quarter BBH played the better netball and were able to secure the win. All girls on court worked hard for their teams.

J4 - No Game. J5 - RSMU v BBH; BBH moves the ball around the court very well. The passing and moving into the goal ring was very impressive. The RSMU defence was very strong providing some good turnovers. Well done to all the players in the horrible conditions.

Min Man v North Clare

A1 - MinMan 31 v North Clare 36; North Clare started strong, MinMan finding it hard to capitalise on centre passes. Scores even at half time. MinMan made several unforced errors, allowing North Clare to score and take the lead at 3 quarter time. Last quarter MinMan started well but couldn't catch the determined North Clare girls. Good win by North.

A2 - MinMan 34 v North Clare 41; Not the best conditions for netball but MinMan took the lead in the first quarter. 2nd quarter North Clare started strong with some great shooting by Diesy. North Clare started to catch up with only being 2 down half time. Third quarter stayed consistent with great defence by Rachel Pearce and at the other end with Jessica Skinner and Kylie Dickson. The result saw North come away with the win.

B1 - MinMan 25 v North Clare 48; North Clare led from the start contesting each ball, many successful turnovers and very accurate shooting. MinMan couldn't match them and North led from start to finish. MinMan never settled and with accurate shooting, North easily took the win.

B2 - MinMan 41 v North Clare 42; A hard fought four quarters of netball. Both teams gave it their best as it was the top two teams playing off. Sophie McLennan was strong in the goals for North and shot well especially in the last quarter. Kirsty Schutz turned the ball over many times for MinMan giving her team every opportunity, but North ended up taking the win by one goal.

C1 - MinMan 18 v North Clare 31; Fantastic start to the game with excellent accuracy in the goal ring by North. Intercepts were frequent by North and they used them well. In wet and windy conditions both teams struggled to efficiently move the ball in the 3rd quarter. MinMan came back in the last quarter but North were too strong and won a convincing game.

C2 - MinMan 18 v North Clare 14; North Clare started strong with a fast mid court and accurate shooting by Marie Mulligan, establishing a four point lead. MinMan settled in the second, narrowing the gap. North Clare maintained consistent pressure and clear play to hold the lead. MinMan came out strong in the 4th quarter, dominating in defence and clearing the ball down the court, making a strong comeback.

15U - MinMan 53 v North Clare 12; MinMan started well with accurate shooting by Lydia Schwartz. In wintry conditions both teams weren't settled and there were many turnovers. Emily Nordhausen-Bradley took some good intercepts at GD for MinMan. Missy Caulfield at GK for North made it harder for MinMan goalies but accurate shooting kept MinMan in front. A good display of sportsmanship by both teams.

J1 - MinMan 9 v North Clare 16; MinMan started the first half off strong with fantastic defence, putting pressure on North's goalies giving MinMan the lead at half time. A change in the goals saw North come out strong in the third quarter and North continued to stay strong.

J2 - MinMan 22 v North Clare 14; Another strong team game from MinMan for 4 quarters. Great defence from MinMan's lilly Pilkington and determination from Olive Charnstrom in the goal circle. North's Eliza Fels and Libby Stringer continued to they hard all game with lots of turnovers.

J3 - MinMan 31 v North Clare 7; Both teams started off strong and scores were tied at the end of the first quarter. MinMan showed some great defensive play taking the lead at half time. North Clare showed some great play down the court but MinMan came away with the win.

J4 - MinMan v North Clare; A really good game with a great competition. J5 - MinMan v North Clare; North Clare's Ella Lloyd and Macey Schell read the play well in defence. Edwina Callery shot well for North. MinMan's Beatric Fotheringham applied fantastic defensive pressure all game and Scarlett Cooper was strong in goals.

South Clare v BSR

A1 - South Clare 49 v BSR 55; BSR started off with strong pressure creating turnovers early all over the court. South responded with a high work rate through the mid court and accurate shooting. Meg Geddes provided some strong turnovers in GK and Charlotte Kaeding provided drive through the mid court, seeing BSR run out as winners in a tight contest all day.

A2 - South Clare 49 v BSR 46; South started off strong with Kristy Lewis shooting well and taking a 7 goal lead in the first quarter. BSR made some changes with Sarah Pilkington playing tight defence and clogging up Souths attack. The second half, saw BSR's Lucy Meyer dominate their scoring end shooting very accurately. The score was even going into the last 15 minutes with pressure being applied all over the court. South maintained this lead with the help of a determined Bri Smith.

B1 - South Clare 30 v BSR 41; A struggling start for both teams but BSR shooters Josie Rains and Maddie Gent shot brilliantly, not missing a single goal despite the drenching conditions and heavy ball. Second quarter deemed brighter for South shooting goal for goal and only being down by five at half time. Alexia Bache came on in the third quarter and provided great strength to South's backline. South lifted in the last quarter working hard around the defensive unit of BSR.

B2 - South Clare 20 v BSR 37; Both teams evenly matched in the first quarter. BSR sister act Emma and Chloe Goss in defence were working well. South came out strong in the second quarter but were unable to convert. South's Vicki Webb and Tamara Hennessey defended the goalies well keeping pressure on BSR's goalies however BSR's accuracy gave them a good win.

C1 - South Clare 23 v BSR 47; Both teams started off goal for goal in the first half of the quarter however BSR strong shooting line edged to a 12 to 5 lead. BSR Karen Ide shot confidently to increase BSR lead to 12-24 going into half time. South's Emma Mildren and Annabelle Ottens continued to improve in their shooting despite pressure from BSR Tianne Dearlove across the defensive line.

C2 - South Clare 24 v BSR 35; Good start by both teams under harsh conditions, both teams fought hard to control the play. Great pressure by South Clare's Rhiana Laughton, Sammi Dinham and Sharon Edwards, back with beautiful shooting by Linda Stanway. BSR lifted in the last courter with accurate shooting by Tahalia Bridges securing the win.

15U - South Clare 43 v BSR 27; Both teams responded to the slippery conditions playing mostly steady, deliberate netball in the first quarter. South Clare took the lead and extended it to 17 goals by the end of the second, aided by Zahli Allan's strong hands and holds in the circle. The Tigers gained momentum and won the third quarter by 5 goals and while turnovers were rampant at the start of the fourth quarter, the Demons had enough in the bank to win.

J1 - South Clare 37 v BSR 12; South began with a flurry, and opened up a decent lead by quarter time. Creative play from Billi Malycha and Shiloh Weatherley in the midcourt gave South shooters plenty of supply. BSR displayed great patience and sound decision making with the ball. South extended the lead throughout the match, dominating the rebounds at each end.

J2 - No Game. J3 - South Clare 16 v BSR 12; BSR came out strong in the first quarter, with some great goal shooting by Sophie Goode and Alice Wheaton. There was great use of the whole court by both teams. South started to make a comeback in the third quarter. South took the lead in the last quarter and took home the win.

J4 - South Clare v BSR; In wet and cold conditions, both teams took a while to adjust. Strong intercepting and shooting by Souths Dakota Giles helped her team to settle. BSRs Ava White battled hard all game as well as Sophie Weckert. Well done to South's Isla Manhood and Maddie Wehr who played their first J4 game.

J5 - South Clare v BSR; In tough conditions both teams fought well to the end, Molly Lange and Alice Millington worked tirelessly for BSR.