NENA, round 7

Eudunda/Robertstown v North Clare

A1 - Eud/Rob 61 v North Clare 39; The first quarter saw the Saints start strongly, with some very accurate shooting by Georgina Pfitzner. A more even start to the second quarter with more pressure applied by North, however the Saints continued to be consistent on plays down the court. The Saints continued to consolidate their drive and feeding well into their ring. North fought hard and plays of strong netball but the Saints were too strong at the end of the day.

A2 - Eud/Rob 33 v North Clare 40; It was a very fast and physical start to the game with North settled first to take a small lead at the first break. North applied pressure all down the court, making it hard for the Saints to move the ball, creating many turnovers with North goalies rarely missing. North kept increasing their lead slowly, the Saints made some changes in the last which worked well opening the play up and creating a tough defence which the goalies could capitalise on. The Saints got within 5 in the last but time ran out and North up by 7.

B1 - Eud/Rob 41 v North Clare 47; The game started off tight with both teams putting pressure on all the way down the court. A few changes for the Saints gave North a lead with strong skills in the ring. The Saints kept fighting, making use of turnovers. But North kept their lead and took the win.

B2 - Eud/Rob 33 v North Clare 61; The first quarter saw North quickly set up an attacking line that utilized tall goalies. The Saints came back into play in the second quarter to try new tactics to defend and change North's play. The Saint's defence worked hard but North became stronger on the score board. The third quarter both teams scored similar and play was equally contested. The last quarter North again found rhythm and capitalised on turn overs.

C1 - Eud/Rob 36 v North Clare 26; It was a great competitive game with a strong midcourt by North and the Saints defenders working well together.

C2 - Eud/Rob 26 v North Clare 42; Both teams came out with determination but North took the lead at the first break. The Saints made some changes in the second which helped to decrease North's lead. But North were too strong and expanded their lead in the second half to take the win.

15U - Eud/Rob 33 v North Clare 19; The Saints started strongly to have a healthy lead at the first break. North applied pressure and created great passages of play with their goalies shooting well. A scrappy game but the Saint winners at full time.

J1 - No Game. J2 - Eud/Rob 13 v North Clare 28; The first quarter both teams applied pressure at both ends making turnovers and consistent play. The second quarter North came back with an attacking game plan, leading well and shooting accurately taking a clear lead. The third quarter both teams again played evenly in score. The last quarter North settled into a consistent play and won by 15.

J3 - Eud/Rob 6 v North Clare 13; It was a strong start by both teams with some great defensive pressure and attacking skills. North shot well and moved well in the goal ring which the end difference in the game. Well done to both sides on a well fought out game.

J4 - Eud/Rob v North Clare; The Saints played an awesome team game creating good space down the court and took many intercepts in defence. North fought hard in defence with strong hands. A low scoring game with lots of shooting opportunities from both teams.

South Clare v MinMan

A1 - South Clare 46 v MinMan 53; Great start to South getting the first three goals on the board. Strong defensive pressure by Molly Ross, Jana Dixon and Carly Bradley saw them up by 1 at quarter time. MinMan's Bo Mitchell and Gracie Ross shot accurately in a good battle with Sallyanne Heinrich and Chloe Cook. South made changes at half time and were within three goals part way through the third quarter, with Katie Liebelt continuing to shoot accurately. Emma Carling and Taylah Wurfel had a good tussle in the centre court. MinMan ran out as winners in the last quarter.

A2 - South Clare 53 v MinMan 48; South came out strong in the first half with South's Kristy Lewis and Katie Woodrow shooting well to lead by 9. The second half of the match, MinMan pegged the difference back to 2, with Alice Hart-Lamont providing drive through the mid court. Souths Kirsty Reynolds was strong and steady in the last half of the quarter to gain many needed turnovers which saw South win by 5. An intense game with lots of good passages of play by both teams.

B1 - South Clare 35 v MinMan 34; What a game! Both teams came out strong in the first quarter, Min Man proving their top position by taking the lead by 5 by the first break. Demons fired back in second quarter with team duo Lauren (playing her 100th game) and Loren resulting in South leading by 2 at the main break. Eliza and Lucy shot brilliantly throughout with the third quarter being a standout, giving South the lead by 8. Min Man bought on fresh legs and came out determined to win the lead back, South was able to hold them off with a gut wrenching finish to win by 1.

B2 - South Clare 27 v MinMan 50; Both teams fought hard throughout the game. Min Man's goalies shot well despite South's defenders playing a ripper game. Demons made a comeback in the second half with great determination, but Min Man held their lead to the end.

C1 - South Clare 21 v MinMan 49; Both teams worked the ball goal for goal in the beginning of the first quarter until MinMan stepped up the pace with mid court. South moved a few players around at half time which allowed South's Louise Lehmann in centre court to drive the ball into her goalies. Min Man's WD Gemma Roberts put strong defensive play in mid court to turn over the ball for the final quarter with MinMan coming out with a convincing win.

C2 - South Clare 17 v MinMan 33; Both teams started strong with beautiful feeding by Montana Hammill and great defensive pressure by Samantha Dinham and Sharon Edwards. A strong third quarter saw MinMan Fly ahead extending the gap with goalies Elsie Edmunds and Sophie Smith sealing the win with their accurate shooting.

15U - South Clare 33 v MinMan 27; An exciting and intense game with both teams displaying a high standard of netball. While scores were even after the first quarter, the lead fluctuated for the next two quarters. The competition was fierce between both centre players, Amelia Lalic and Mia Fogden, who showed skill and determination throughout the game. South Clare increased their two-goal lead after the third quarter, with Ellie Johnson and Yerrin Heaslip applying strong defensive pressure. The Demons went on to win by six goals.

J1 - South Clare 37 v MinMan 7; South played a very strong defensive game over the whole court, with Poppy Wilson starring at GK for South. Scarlett Parker and Emmi Nicholls were impressive for MinMan, however South gradually extended the lead throughout. Billi Malycha was dominant at C for the demons, and kept the goalies well fed.

J2 - South Clare 20 v MinMan 26; A tight game for 3 quarters with very little separating the 2 teams at each break. Min Man broke away in the last quarter, shooting accurately when it counted most. Anna and Chloe worked hard in defence for South against taller opponents. Addisyn created many opportunities for MinMan. A great game by all players.

J3 - South Clare 9 v MinMan 32; Min Man started the game with great acting towards the ball, making a substantial lead in the first half. Min Man's goalies were on point. South's Daniela Millard defended the goal ring well. In the third quarter South's mid court slowed down and held up Min Man's fast game.

J4 - South Clare v MinMan; Great display of junior netball today with both teams displaying awesome passages of play. The first half was very defensive with Isabelle Wilson from South intercepting strong and Charlie Ross from Min Man defending well also. The second half rained goals for both teams. Souths Ebony Pearse driving well through the centre and Tatum Giles setting up lots of play in the goal circle. Min Man's Abby Lawson tried hard all game. Well done to all players an exciting spectator's game to watch played in good sportsmanship.


A1 - BSR 40 v RSMU 54; RSMU started the game confidently with full court pressure and accurate shooting to lead by 15 at quarter time. BSR made many changes but were still unable to stem the flow, with the score 37-12 at half time. After many positional changes, BSR dominated the third quarter bringing the margin back to 13. An even last quarter saw RSMU winners by 14.

A2 - BSR 50 v RSMU 47; RSMU started with an early lead, with BSR fighting back to bring it even at the first break. Both the 2nd and 3rd quarters were goal for goal. The 4th quarter was a good contest of netball with BSR winning by 3 in the end.

B1 - BSR 42 v RSMU 48; A slow start for both teams. RSMU settled in first putting them in front. Excellent shooting by Maddie Gent and by RSMU shooters. Overall RSMU taking the win by 6.

B2 - BSR 28 v RSMU 26; A well matched game with the score remaining close all game. RSMU led by 1 going into the final quarter. Both teams had opportunities which they failed to capitalise on. In the end BSR came away with a 2 goal win thanks to great offence in the final quarter.

C1 - BSR 37 v RSMU 58; Both teams came out strong. During the 2nd quarter RSMU played fast netball with accurate shooting. BSR outscored RSMU in the 3rd quarter. RSMU shooters shot accurately and came out victors of the game.

C2 - BSR 63 v RSMU 35; A strong drive through centre court created an early lead for BSR, with the score 33-15 at half time. BSR's Tahlia Bridger worked hard in the ring, making space and shooting accurately. Both teams fought hard for rebounds, but BSR capitalised on every opportunity for a convincing win.

15U - BSR 31 v RSMU 57; Both teams started strong. RSMU settled quickly and shot well. Great defending over the whole court by both teams. Tegan Przibilla had a great game for RSMU shooting and attacking well. BSR's GK Holly Weckert watched and read the game confidently creating turnovers.

J1 - No Game. J2 - No Game. J3 - BSR 27 v RSMU 1; BSR took some time to settle after the week off. RSMU had good defensive pressure making the most of their height but BSR were the more experienced side today.

J4 - No Game.

BBH v Blyth Snowtown

A1 - BBH 37 v Blyth Snowtown 42; An even first quarter saw both sides shooting well. In the second quarter outstanding shooting by Stacey Mugge saw BS creep away. BBH's Kate Phin created many turnovers that at the time could not be converted. Blyth Snowtown went on to win by 5.

A2 - BBH 28 v Blyth Snowtown 46; Blyth/Snowtown came out strong with Stacey Mugge and Kristen Allchurch rarely missing. Jessica Tiver and Jess Dutschke had to work for their goals with a great defence from Blyth/Snowtown. A good effort all round, and a good competitive game.

B1 - BBH 27 v Blyth Snowtown 63; A challenge for the BBH team this week. Chelsea Kelly played four strong quarters for BBH, providing drive and presence. Blyth/Snowtown's Madeline Zweck played four strong quarters. The score didn't represent the game played. Good game BBH.

B2 - BBH 42 v Blyth Snowtown 38; Tightly contested first quarter with BBH making the most of a few turnovers. Blyth/Snowtown made changes and found rhythm down the court with great drives from Tahlia Tilley and Grace Jacka. Another even quarter in the third with both teams scoring evenly. Fantastic defensive pressure by both Caitlin Stockman and Callie Laidlaw created turnovers for BBH. BBH converted possession into goals, ultimately coming away with the win.

C1 - BBH 27 v Blyth Snowtown 34; BBH started well against an experienced opposition who steadied quickly. Millie Squire and Kloe Wenzel were solid in defence against accurate goalies. Sloppy passing by BBH saw Blyth/Snowtown take advantage and maximise their lead. Chloe Bolitho (BS) was solid all game and BBH just couldn't close the gap. Great game between two fairly even teams.

C2 - BBH 59 v Blyth Snowtown 16; Fantastic start, settled well. BBH defence was strong down the down. Jasmin from Blyth/Snowtown was a key player for the second half. Jaimee Haitana from BBH was a strong player for their attack. Well done all, great friendly game.

15U - BBH 23 v Blyth Snowtown 24; Blyth/Snowtown had a good start to the game with great shooting by Charlotte Jacka in Goal Attack. BBH's defence was strong throughout the whole game with many turnovers by Lily Smith. Position changes at half time and a motivated speech by the coach saw BBH step up a notch to claw back to end up with a loss by one goal.

J1 - BBH 40 v Blyth Snowtown 7; BBH jumped out of the gate with BBH shooters Eliza Quinn and Alice Tiver combining well in the ring. Blyth/Snowtown's Mikayla Matthews fought hard in centre to feed into the shooters. Well done to Blyth/Snowtown for not giving up. BBH proving too strong on the day.

J2 - BBH 30 v Blyth Snowtown 12; Today was a really hard day to be a coach because it was nearly impossible to pick best players. All girls played extremely well. Both Soraya White and Emma Slattery (BS) shot really well, rarely missing. Kaylee Jones was a key to BBH's defence, making a huge number of great intercepts. Keira Schuppan read the ball beautifully and covered her space well. Good effort all round by both teams.

J3 - BBH v Blyth Snowtown; Great start by both teams, some great strong passes in the first quarter. Great defence by BBH's Abbie Mirtschin, Grace Cunningham, Chacinta Freissbourg and Evelyn Klem. A couple of nice goals, wish we had a few more. All round good game.

J4 - BBH v Blyth Snowtown; The game started slowly with a stronger second half by BBH. Both teams defended well. Anna Williams from Blyth/Snowtown defended well, making BBH goalies work hard for the ball. Great shooting by BBH's Zali Dix.