Developing our transport infrastructure

Like many councils, the Regional Council of Goyder has the responsibility for the construction and maintenance of many and varied types of open surface roads.

There are four components in the construction and maintenance of these roads; being planning, construction standards, plant and staff, and mode/efficiency of operation.

The planning utilises council's Asset Management Plan to prioritise the sequence in which roads are to be reconstructed.

Construction standards are predetermined by council, for each category of road - the categories are determined by road usage and tonnage.

The fleet of plant utilised by council must match the demands placed upon it by the volume of the annual construction and maintenance program.

At the Regional Council of Goyder, it has always been a priority to have modern, high quality plant that facilitates the efficiency of the operation.

The ongoing reliability of the one-off items, such as dozers and crushers is paramount to constant sustainable output.

It is worth noting that in the last decade or more council has funded capital plant items directly through the budget process, and not through borrowings.

The productivity of plant is greatly enhanced by competent, well trained operators.

Good quality, capable staff are a treasured resource and council should endeavour to ensure that all desired training opportunities can be met.

A culture of regular plant maintenance is essential.

In the future, council faces new challenges redefining its open surface roads, to meet the requirements for larger transport systems, for example B-doubles and road trains, facilitating more efficient movement of grain and livestock.

This will require the realignment of some roads and intersections, to mitigate safety concerns for the community and road users.

Greater costs are an inevitable result of these requirements.

The Regional Council of Goyder is committed to the ongoing development of its plant and infrastructure to best and most efficiently meet the needs of the community and all road users into the future.

Peter Mattey, OAM

Mayor, Regional Council of Goyder