All the reports from the courts

RSMU v Eudunda/Robertstown

A1 - RSMU 40 v Eud/Rob 39; The Saints came out strong with great defending all over the court. RSMU settled at the start of the second quarter with great centre court pressure by Ashleigh Heinrich and Sarah Noack. Saints goalies Georgina Pfitzner and Mikayla Mills shot accurately all game and got the Saints back to level pegging in the last quarter. RSMU held their nerve and came out with a great win by 1.

A2 - RSMU 56 v Eud/Rob 45; A fast start to the game with all 4 goalies shooting accurately and the teams trading goals. RSMU with the first break in the game with turnovers by Abby Griffiths to give her team the slight edge. Great defence by Alex Roberts giving her team the confidence to push forwards. Sophie Nietschke defied her age and shot well under pressure from her much more experienced opponents however RSMU too good on this occasion. A game played in great spirits.

B1 - RSMU 34 v Eud/Rob 39; Saints made a strong start to the game and took the lead at quarter time. RSMU made a few changes and with great defence by Hannah Burns through the centre court, the game evened up by half time. Strong shooting by Chloe Montgomerie saw Saints maintain their lead through a tight third quarter. It was a closely contested last quarter with Saints just getting over the line.

B2 - RSMU 29 v Eud/Rob 31; Saints made a strong start to the game and took the lead at quarter time. RSMU made a few changes and with great defence by Hannah Burns through the centre court, the game evened up by half time. Strong shooting by Chloe Montgomerie saw Saints maintain their lead through a tight third quarter. It was a closely contested last quarter with Saints just getting over the line.

C1 - RSMU 45 v Eud/Rob 48; RSMU shot out of the blocks making the most of their opportunities. Chloe Oakley RSMU GS worked hard in the circle and finished well. Saints settled and then provided a solid contest for the remaining 3 quarters. Constant pressure from the Saints girls saw them take the lead in the last 4 mins of the game and thoroughly deserved their win.

C2 - RSMU 17 v Eud/Rob 34; Saints came out strong in the first quarter with a strong play from Fiona Schiller (WA) and Rachel Saegenchitter (C). RSMU came out fighting in the second half with excellent feeding from Taryn Senar. Consistent shooting in the second half from RSMUs Shevahn Robinson (GA) and Nicole Saunderson (GS) helped them in the second half. Saints finished on high winning the game 17-34.

15U - RSMU 33 v Eud/Rob 45; Good playing weather saw both teams start very strongly and competitively. It was pretty much goal for goal in the first quarter, with Saints gaining a slight lead early on. RSMU kept the momentum going with great Centre work by Kelsey Noll but in the end the Saints girls were too strong and their enthusiasm kept them motivated to take out the game with a resounding win. Well done to both teams.

J1 - No Game. J2 - RSMU 45 v Eud/Rob 39; RSMU played very strongly right from the outset. Strong passing into the circle and good team work in the circle by both goalies backed up by strong defensive work throughout the court, saw a strong lead at quarter and half time. Third quarter saw both teams make significant changes. Fourth quarter saw a more settled RSMU side and continued to increase their lead. Well done to all players who worked hard throughout the match.

J3 - RSMU 4 v Eud/Rob 10; Saints came out strong shooting the first goals and RSMU defenders tried their best to stop them. RSMU goalies tried their best to score as much as possible, but couldn't make it.

J4 - No Game. J5 - Not supplied

MinMan v Blyth Snowtown

A1 - MinMan 50 v Blyth Snowtown 30; Blyth/Snowtown started strong picking up loose balls to have a good lead a quarter time 10-14. MinMan fired up in the 2nd quarter to be up by 4 at half time. Both teams made changes for the 2nd half and MinMan steadied in the 3rd quarter to be up 35-23. Lots of turnovers but MinMan finished strong to have a good win.

A2 - MinMan 49 v Blyth Snowtown 43; 1st quarter saw Blyth/Snowtown take a 6 goal lead with some great passages of play and great shooting by Stacey Mugge and Kristen Allchurch. 2nd quarter MinMan came back with some great full court defence which gave them plenty of scoring opportunities. Third quarter stayed pretty even while fourth quarter started goal for goal and stayed a great tight game with MinMan winning by six goals in what was a great game.

B1 - MinMan 44 v Blyth Snowtown 45; A very physical game from one end of the court to the other for 4 quarters. MinMan took the lead at the first change with Blyth/Snowtown taking the lead back into the half time. MinMan levelled in the 3rd quarter to set up a contest for the last half with many turnovers from both teams but Blyth/Snowtown got there in the end with a 1 goal win.

B2 - MinMan 40 v Blyth Snowtown 36; Evenly contested first quarter and great display of netball skills with Blyth/Snowtown leading 9-11. Blyth/Snowtown started strong in the 2nd quarter with MinMan clawing back and down by 1 at half time. Third quarter was another strong battle with scores even at 28 all. MinMan lifted in the last quarter and capitalised on the turnovers out scoring B/S 12-8 and winning the game 40-36.

C1 - MinMan 41 v Blyth Snowtown 36; Both teams started well with Lara Smith getting lots of goals. Blyth/Snowtown had a strong 2nd quarter and edged ahead. Both teams were moving the ball quickly with many intercepts. Extremely tight tussle in the 3rd quarter with MinMan finishing 1 ahead. 4th quarter saw MinMan keep great pressure in the goal ring to take out the win.

C2 - MinMan 38 v Blyth Snowtown 11; Blyth/Snowtown came out strong with MinMan struggling to play as a team. Scores were even at quarter time. MinMan's defence dominated in the 2nd quarter allowing for steady clean play down the court. Quick feeding into the ring and accurate shooting by MinMan's goalies saw MinMan win convincingly.

15U - MinMan 25 v Blyth Snowtown 31; Blyth/Snowtown came out strong turning over many balls. Millie Roberts and Matilda Maitland played well in defence. MinMan tired hard but were unsettled. Charlotte Jacka shot well all game and settled Blyth/Snowtown's attack. MinMan made changes and this kept the scores even for the last quarter with good shooting Emily Nordhausen-Bradley for MinMan but Blyth/Snowtown took the win by 6.

J1 - MinMan 22 v Blyth Snowtown 14; Strong first quarter by both teams. MinMan's defence helping them get the lead. MinMan lead at half time with some excellent play throughout the court. Even first quarter with a change in goals for Blyth/Snowtown. MinMan kept the lead for the win.

J2 - MinMan 28 v Blyth Snowtown 27; A close game with only one goal separating at each quarter. Great intercepts by B/S's Mikayla Matthews and accurate shooting from Emma Slattery. MinMan worked as a team showing determination with Annabelle Smith and Bridie Maher defending well in the circle.

J3 - MinMan 38 v Blyth Snowtown 4; MinMan started strong finding space and passing well. B/S defended well in the ring all game with some great intercepts by Manjot Kaur. Maya Cole played well in attack but MinMan were too strong on the day.

J4 - MinMan v Blyth Snowtown; Was a hard game today with a great effort by all girls. Well done to all.

J5 - MinMan v Blyth Snowtown; B/S's Taylee Clifford and Bree Zubrinich were strong all game, leading well and excellent in defence. Cassidy Maloney and Amelia Duncan worked well together in the goal circle. Macy Ackland red the play well down the court with some great intercepts. Beatrix Fotheringham positioned herself well in the ring and defended well too.

North Clare v BSR

A1 - North Clare 43 v BSR 57; BSR statured strongly and got a good lead in the frost quarter with accurate shooting by Bec Moyer. Good defensive pressure by north provided opportunities with some great intercepts by Chelsea Panoho. North matched BSR in the third quarter but the last quarter saw BSR finish strongly and come away with the win.

A2 - North Clare 43 v BSR 47; First quarter both teams came out strong wanting the win. Half time saw BSR up by two goals. Third quarter started even then BSR pulled away with a strong defence and accurate shooting. Fourth quarter BSR came out fighting. Norths defence worked hard but BSR capitalised on every opportunity. Great game.

B1 - North Clare 61 v BSR 34; An even start to the game with North taking a while to settle into their usual style of play. Great shooting by BSR's Chloe Goss in the first half. Score was 24-19 at half time when North came out firing with accurate shooting by both Ruby Stringer & Renee Scott. Great defence by BSR's Meg Weckert through the whole game.

B2 - North Clare 46 v BSR 44; An even first quarter with both teams shooting well. BSR had a strong second quarter taking the lead. North Clare's Sally Rolstone had a great third quarter providing their goalies with plenty of opportunity. North held their lead with BSR having a strong last quarter.

C1 - North Clare 41 v BSR 35; Great first quarter by North with strong defence by Alex Butterick. Consistent court play by North going into attack. BSR fought back in the second quarter, shooting accurately from Justine Cross. Well done to both teams

C2 - North Clare 36 v BSR 35; A closely contested game from the first whistle to the last. Norths Kerry-Ann Ahern and Marie Mullighan provided great pressure to cause many turnovers in the defence circle. Accurate shooting from BSR''s Tahlia Bridger kept BSR in the game. North managed the win in the end by one goal despite a great fight back from BSR in the closing minutes.

15U - North Clare 18 v BSR 49; BSR started strong with accurate shooting from Tanisha Wakefield & Jordyn Hentschke and were consistent all game. Some good passages of play from North's centre court, with Gemma Schultz settling North's drive down the court. Despite North's best efforts in the end BSR proved too strong.

J1 - North Clare 39 v BSR 20; The game started in a tight contest with North leading by 1 after the first quarter. Strong defence from Norths Abbie Brereton gave them many turnovers allowed a lead of 11 goals at three quarter time. BSR put up a strong fight however North ran away with the win.

J2 - No Game. J3 - North Clare 7 v BSR 26; BSR started very strong with very structured play down the court and accurate shooting from Lara Myer and Sophie Goode. North made a comeback in the second quarter with some fantastic defence from Makayla Noble and Ella Jones. North continued to fight hard however BSR continued their accurate shooting and finished very strongly.

J4 - North Clare v BSR; North fought hard all game but BSR were too strong. BSR consistently picked up loose balls all game and made good use of them. BSR's Taylor Jones played well at both ends of the court, Madison Rodson was strong in defence. North's Teesha Jaeschke defended well as did Lucy Green.

J5 - North Clare v BSR; Great even start by both teams, Molly Lange had great movement in the centre. Sophie Meaney took some great intercepts for North. North had great defensive pressure all over the court. BSR used there space well and leading onto the ball. Well done girls.

BBH v South Clare

A1 - BBH 37 v South Clare 53; A great game of netball played in good spirit. Great contest in the first quarter with South Clare leading by two. South shot consistently well for the next three quarters. Even contests all over the court with South capitalising better on turnovers.

A2 - BBH 28 v South Clare 47; South Clare started strong with great shooting by Kristy Lewis. At half time they lead by 17. BBH made some changes at half time and they really settled. Good defence by Kelly Devine and Kim Tippet saw many turnovers created that were converted by the goalers. A much better second half by BBH as a team.

B1 - BBH 35 v South Clare 33; Two very even teams played this week. Fantastic rebounding from BBH's Ellen Newbold, and down the other end was accurate shooting from Sophie Hall. South Clare's Lauren Nitschke defended consistently all game.

B2 - BBH 47 v South Clare 19; A tight and contested first quarter with many turnovers from both sides. The second quarter saw BBH settle with fantastic defensive pressure from both Caitlin Stockman and Emily Lines. South Clare's centre Sarah Gill provided great driving options all down the court and accurate shooting by Vicki Webb helped keep their goals going. BBH played a strong and consistent fourth quarter, providing for a good solid win.

C1 - BBH 43 v South Clare 18; A great start by both teams battling it out in the first quarter. Strong defence by Charlotte Fuller and Raleigh Trias (SC) made the BBH shooters work hard. BBH's GA Maddy Taylor turned it on in the second with great movement and shooting. BBH ran away in the second and third quarters with Bethani Cunningham and Caitlin Squire feeding the goalies well. Hats off to South Clare for not giving in in the last quarter, and more than doubling their own score.

C2 - BBH 32 v South Clare 12; A slow start from BBH with a two goal lead at the first break. Amelia Lalic played a fast paced centre for South Clare. BBH settled and strengthened their defence down the court. Jodie Stockman came on to free up space in the goal ring resulting in an increased scoring rate.

15U - BBH 28 v South Clare 31; A slow start to the game by BBH. South's defence was tight and put pressure on BBH shooters. Tight scoring game in the second half but South managed to get some great intercepts to come away with the win.

J1 - BBH 25 v South Clare 13; Tightly contested first half of netball with multiple turnovers forced by both teams. BBH's Olivia Clarke provided strong drive down the court with Georgie Lines proving tough in defence. Esther Head (SC) kept presenting in GA with Shiloh Weatherly running out the game strong. BBH was able to settle in the second half and pull away for the win.

J2 - BBH 7 v South Clare 20; Great defensive game by BBH with many great intercepts. Shelby Van Gasteren played amazing all game in GK with South Clare's Chloe Stanway providing a good competition. BBH's Chloe Mirtschin moved well in the last quarter and passed well into the ring. A great game by all with everyone giving 100%.

J3 - BBH 11 v South Clare 12; Fantastic game by both teams. Great defence by BBH's Chacinta Friessbourg. Excellent moving down the court and talking to each other. Keep up the good work.

J4 - BBH v South Clare; A strong game by South Clare this week. BBH defenders Emmylou Cooper and Alma Vitozzi were strong at the ball and caused turnovers. South Clare's Tatum Giles moved around the goal ring well. Isabelle Wilson (SC) provided great options for her team mates in centre. A good display of skills.

J5 - BBH v South Clare: Cold Saturday morning in Burra. Both sides played a good solid game. Great defending by South Clare. BBH's Kaidance Tippet played great WA.