All the reports

Eudunda/Robertstown v MinMan

A1 - Eud/Rob 42 v MinMan 36; As the rain fell, both teams came out strong and it was a physical start. The Saints took the lead by 3 with some accurate shooting. A tight defence by the Saints also caused many turnovers and rattled Min-Man's goalies. In the second half Min-Man made some changes, notably Molly Ross into GD, which unsettled the Saint goalies slightly. Min-Man came out in the last quarter strongly with some great defensive holding by Carly Bradley which rattled the Saint goalies causing them to miss.

A2 - Eud/Rob 31 v MinMan 43; It was a strong start by both teams going goal for goal. Min-Man made the most of some late turnovers to take a small lead. The second quarter saw Min-Man defence capitalise extending their lead to 8 at half time. The Saints made changes at half time and came out strong, creating many turnovers at the start of the quarter. Min-Man settled to make it an even quarter. Both teams had lots of the ball in the last quarter, Min-Man made the most of their opportunities. It was a well fought out game.

B1 - Eud/Rob 21 v MinMan 39; It was a very evenly contested game between both teams throughout the first quarter. Min-Man applied great pressure for the entire game. Min-Man's C, Kerry Hadley provided strong drive through the midcourt resulting in them coming out on top.

B2 - Eud/Rob 36 v MinMan 60; Min-Man came out strong with confident shooting and tight defence. The Saints chased and closed the gap in the first quarter. Min-Man then applied more pressure and continued to increase their lead by 16 at half time. The Saints came back in the third quarter but Min-Man's accurate shooting put them in front. The last quarter the sun came out and both sides were evenly scored. Min-Man had the lead and kept the distance on the board.

C1 - Eud/Rob 29 v MinMan 25; It was a great competitive game all the way to the end. A strong Saint's defence helped to put them in front but Min-Man's midcourt made it difficult for them.

C2 - Eud/Rob 34 v MinMan 39; Min-Man played a tight game making easy turnovers in the first couple of minutes. The Saint's regouped made better leads and were able to equal the scores and keep it this way until the third quarter. Min-Man made some important team changes and this saw them win the game by 5 goals.

U15 - Eud/Robertstown 39 v MinMan 36; It was a very tight and fast game by both teams. Alex Handke created the drive down the midcourt and Ebony Noack help the defence end up for the Saints. Great shooting by Lydia Schwartz from Min-Man. It was a close game that came down to the wire.

J1 - No Game. J2 - Eud/Rob 16 v MinMan 30; Min-Man came out strong in the attack, shooting accurately to lead by 9 at half time. The Saint's worked hard to defend tall but Min-Man took the lead and consistently increased the score. The Saint's worked as a team to build on court play and chased loose balls. Min-Man finished strong.

J3 - Eud/Rob 9 v MinMan 21; Both teams came out strong with some good leading and defensive pressure. Min-Man's second half was stronger, taking a solid lead with some good intercepts down the court. The Saints tried hard all game with some good efforts, but Min-Man were just too strong.

J4 - Eud/Rob v MinMan; Min-Man's passing and attack work was strong. The Saint's tried their best and worked hard all day and never gave up but Min-Man were too good on the day.

J5 - Eud/Rob v MinMan; It was an exciting game to watch with all girls determined to get the ball. Min-Man worked well as a team with fabulous defending, to the Saint's credit, they never gave up. A game played in good spirits.

Blyth Snowtown v RSMU

A1 - Blyth Snowtown 37 v RSMU 55; RSMU has a great first 18 goal quarter with great shooting. BS fought back in the 2nd quarter with strong defence by Ella Roberts. RSMU went on to control the game toward the end of the 3rd and last quarters with a great team effort.

A2 - Blyth Snowtown 52 v RSMU 45; Both teams came out firing with accurate shooting from all four goalies, ending with an equal quarter. The cats went down by one in the second with another contested quarter. The Cats made changed in defence in the third going up by 10, holding strong to come out on top.

B1 - Blyth Snowtown 53 v RSMU 45; A close first quarter with Belinda Bruce and Hannah Burns starting strong at WA and WD for RMSU. Katrina Esbary shot very accurately in the 2nd quarter and Blyth Snowtown outscored RMSU by 5. The rain came in the third quarter and both teams scored evenly, good defence by Shannon Fuss in tough conditions. The last quarter saw great shooting from Rachael McInerney; however BS remained strong.

B2 - Blyth Snowtown 24 v RSMU 22; Very low scoring first quarter with both teams not settling well and throwing a lot away. Blyth Snowtown were able to compose better in the second quarter and extend their lead with great driving and re offering by Georgia Harrold through the centre court. RSMU capitalised on great turn overs created by Rebecca Lockwood in the last quarter to make it a nail biter in the end. Blyth Snowtown was able to stay composed and win.

C1 - Blyth Snowtown 27 v RSMU 43; RSMU started very strong in the first quarter with impressive feeding into the goal ring by Cath Greenslade' ending the first quarter with a comfortable lead. B/S picked up their intensity in the second quarter contesting the ball with intensity and lots of defensive pressure. The rain proved a leveller but RSMU's lead was too much and they pulled away with a comfortable win.

C2 - Blyth Snowtown 30 v RSMU 23; The first half of the game was very close with both Shevahn Robertson and Georgia Oakley from RSMU shotting well, with Valarie Ciardiello and Sarah Currie doing the same for Blyth/Snowtown. In the last half, Blyth/Snowtown had a few changes with Rebbecca Niland-Welsh and Amber Large shutting down both goalies with great defence and play down the court. Great game played by both teams with Blyth/Snowtown with the win.

U15 - Blyth Snowtown 24 v RSMU 39; An even contested first half with great passages of play from both teams. Amelia Roberts took several great intercepts to see the cats up by one at half time. Changes made by both teams, saw the Hawks pull away with great movement and shooting by Tegan Pryzibilla. The Hawks continued to play skilled and clean netball to pull away for a convincing win.

J1 - No Game. J2 - Blyth Snowtown 6 v RSMU 45; Blyth Snowtown came up a much taller and highly skilled opposition in RSMU but never gave up. RSMU's Madie Przibilla, Mai Parkinson and Kalee Noble all played a strong game.

J3 - Blyth Snowtown v RSMU; RSMU had a jump on BS in first half BS came back in last half of game and kept going with great play down the court, fantastic game to watch. Well done to both RSMU and BS.

J4 - No Game. J5 - Blyth Snowtown v RSMU; Tough game against RSMU today for the cats. Cat girls held on for the whole and were persistent. Great intercept and defence from Gracie Stringer today pushing herself in all positions. Ashleigh Curnow from RSMU was a super start with goals shooting today.


A1 - BSR 41 v BBH 30; A very even first quarter with scores level at quarter time. Second quarter BSR were not able to score from turnovers making BBH ahead by five at half time. With great defence from Sophie Ashby and some positional changes, BSR were able to cope with BBH's physicality and with some great shooting from Bec Moyne and Taryn Kelly led them to a win.

A2 - BSR 34 v BBH 20; First quarter was tightly contested, with both attacks capitalising from defensive turnovers. BSR slightly stretched the scoreboard to lead at half time. Both teams made changes at half time resulting in BSR building a lead for the remainder of the match.

B1 - BSR 33 v BBH 24; A great competition between both teams. BBH's defence worked well against the accuracy of BSR's goalies. There was great play through the centre court by both teams with great passages of play. The BSR defence worked extremely well making it hard for the BBH goalies to score.

B2 - BSR 32 v BBH 25; As the rain started in the second quarter, BBH's ball movement improved across the whole court, capitalising on any mistakes. With scores almost even at the last change, BSR dominated with great work by their defence, the goalies were able to capitalise on these turnovers.

C1 - BSR 21 v BBH 39; First quarter saw both teams playing a strong style of netball. BBH came out firing with Shae Glacken shooting really well. BSR fought back in the 3rd quarter but it wasn't enough. The last quarter was evenly contested but the early lead by BBH found them on top today.

C2 - BSR 25 v BBH 30; BSR came out firing in the first quarter, making full use of rebounds to lead by 7-1 at the first break. Jodie Stockman came on in the second to settle the attacking end for BBH and help bring scores level at half time. The second half was a strongly contested match with BSR's Tahlia Bridger working hard in attack and Laura Berry tightening defence to stop BBH from streaking away.

U15 - BSR 24 v BBH 50; BBH came out firing, with their GS Lauren Donhardt moving well and creating many shooting opportunities. BSR's Tanisha Wakefield chased down many loose balls, by BBH capitalised on every opportunity to come away with a convincing win.

J1 - BSR 16 v BBH 39; BBH played a very fast, flowing match moving the ball down the court quickly and accurately to goalie Alice Tiver. BSR's Holly Weckert played will at both ends combining with Jayde Lillecrapp in defence to cause a few turnovers but BBH proved too strong overall winning all 4 quarters to secure a 39-16 win.

J2 - No Game. J3 - BSR 24 v BBH 0; BSR started strong, showing evidence of their court structure practice. BBH never gave up. It was a great game by both teams showing plenty of determination.

J4 - BSR v BBH; A lovely open game today with BBH being the stronger team. There was good leading and shooting from both sides. Great to see girls implement skills from training each week.

J5 - BSR v BBH; Play was quite evenly matched in the midcourt, both BSR and BBH had strong passes in offence and good intercepts across the court. Excellent shooting from BBH's goalies proved too strong for BSR.

South Clare v North Clare

A1 - South Clare 48 v North Clare 46; A great contest with North coming out of the blocks to have the lead at quarter time. Millie Heinjus provided turnovers from GK for North whilst Paryss Maunder worked hard for South in GD. Despite being able to even the score throughout the game South did not hit front until the half way point of the last quarter. Experience was key, with South's Katie Liebelt, Courtney Stone and Sallyanne Heinrich leading South over the line.

A2 - South Clare 30 v North Clare 39; South Clare were unsettled from the start while North Clare adapted to the conditions quickly and transitioned the ball well. Elyce Huppatz was a great target in goals and for North and shot accurately all game. South Clare kept fighting to stay in the game, Kylie provided good drive through the centre for South and Kristy Lewis also shot accurately all game. North Clare were consistent right throughout.

B1 - South Clare 38 v North Clare 50; A strong start for both teams, with old team mates Hayley Reid and Tenille Mannion going head to head. North goalies didn't miss a shot with Ruby Stringer showing she could shoot from anywhere in the ring. A few unforced errors from South helped North extend their lead in the second quarter. The third saw South out score the opposition but not enough to claim the lead. Excellent defence work from Loren Liebelt and Lauren Nitschke made it tough for North shooters in the last half but the end result left South down.

B2 - South Clare 16 v North Clare 60; An evenly matched game in the first half with North Clare only having a 10 goal lead at the main break. The second half saw a highly dynamic North Clare run away with a very convincing win.

C1 - South Clare 11 v North Clare 54; South started the quarter with a quick goal only to have North match it quickly with strong shooting from Jessica Lloyd and they won the quarter 16 to 4. North dominated the game each quarter despite pressure from Souths Raleigh Trias and Kelsey Pengilly in mid court. Norths shooting from Courtney Heinjus help deliver a convincing win for North.

C2 - South Clare 12 v North Clare 43; North Clare Goalies Ashley and Jordyn came out strong in the first quarter giving North a big lead. South came back strong in the second quarter with great intercepts by Sharon Edwards, however it wasn't enough to stop North stretching the lead. North sealed the win with accuracy and team work.

U15 - South Clare 54 v North Clare 11; A strong start by South Clare, with Sophie Driver dominant in the goal circle and Macy Young providing great back-up, mopping up stray balls. The Demons set the scene for the game in the first quarter. For the Roosters, a determined Sophie Pink worked hard throughout the match, giving options down the court and feeding well into the circle. In the end South Clare's height in defence made rebounds difficult for North and the Demons continued to dominate down the court.

J1 - South Clare 28 v North Clare 30; The first quarter was tight and fierce, with the scores locked at 8 all. North found great drive through Abbie Brereton, and South matched the pressure, with Chelsea Nicholls creating plenty of turnovers for the Demons. South took a small lead into the last quarter, but were outplayed by North, who stormed home to win by two. Lilli Smith stood out at GS for North in a thoroughly entertaining match.

J2 - South Clare 13 v North Clare 25; A tight first quarter with North applying great mid court pressure which created several turnovers. North up by 2 at quarter time. North played great netball in the 2nd quarter to extend their lead to 7 at half time. South came out firing after half time and didn't allow North to increase their lead. North got on top again in the last quarter to run away with a 12 goal win. Special mention to Libby and Scarlett who had a fantastic battle in the centre.

J3 - South Clare 14 v North Clare 14; Excellent game by both teams. North were strong in the midcourt using lots of speed and were ahead at half time. However South made an 8 goal comeback, resulting in a draw. Great speed from Norths Ruby Redden and excellent defence from Ella Jones. South Clare Emily Ambusden was faultless in goals supported by Molly Smyth. A great game by both teams, displaying excellent sportsman ship.

J4 - South Clare v North Clare; Good netball skills on display by both teams. South strong in attack with great shooting by Isabelle Wilson while Ebony Pearse intercepted well in defence. North made the most of their opportunities with Tegan Kloock and Ella Coles providing good drive down the court. J5 - South Clare v North Clare; An enthusiastic match by both teams with South having a strong start in the first half with accurate shooting from Nikola Lalic and Isla Manhood. Good defensive pressure from Opal Hammond and Macey Schell (N).