Have a unique experience at the 35th Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend

Crabtree Wines will be launching an event at this year's Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend where you could find your face on a bottle of one of their premium wines.

"I am really excited by this event since it has never been offered in the Clare Valley before, and it is both innovative and fun," Cellar Door manager Rebecca O'Leary said.

"Customers will be able to visit the Cellar Door and have the moment captured with our on-site photographer."

"We will then create a personalised label from the customer's selected photograph and background for a truly customised experience."

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Crabtree Wines is hosting this event to broaden the experienced on offer during the Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend and the bottles of wine are sure to make the perfect souvenir of the Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend or even a beautiful present for a loved one.

"It is really the perfect Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend event combining wine, people, excitement and delight," Rebecca said.

"We aim to run this event semi-regularly to allow people the opportunity to enjoy this special experience."

"We would like to offer personalised wine for customers to give as Christmas presents, wedding gifts or corporate events."

For more information call 8843 0069 or go to www.crabtreewines.com.au