Clare High's colourful cross country

Clare High School held their annual cross country and colour run last Friday afternoon.

Students from Years 7 to 10, with Year 11 and 12 students given the option to participate, took part in the run.

The rain held off for a short period of time as the students picked up their cups of coloured powder, which they subsequently doused over themselves from head to toe.

However, once they set off from the starting line the rain began to fall which only added to the fun.

The course took them around the school oval and over the hills around the lake before wrapping around the vineyards on their final leg, heading back around the oval on the homestretch.

Results from the cross country are as follows:

Under 13 Female

  • 1st Holly Weckert
  • 2nd Olivia Hadley
  • 3rd Mackenzie Cooper

Under 13 Male

  • 1st Campbell Lawry
  • 2nd Harry Middleton
  • 3rd Tom Quinton

Under 14 Female

  • 1st Rosie McMurray
  • 2nd Jazz Elsworthy
  • 3rd Ella Pink

Under 14 Male

  • 1st Mitchell Beaverdam
  • 2nd Nicholas Sanford
  • 3rd Royce Butler

Under 15 Female

  • 1st Gypsey Schappilus Hansen
  • 2nd Annalise Stockman
  • 3rd Lily Henwood

Under 15 Male

  • 1st Hamish Tappin
  • 2nd Issac Tonkin
  • 3rd Ryan Stocker

Under 16 Female

  • 1st Lily Weedon
  • 2nd Zoe Hendry
  • 3rd Molly Edmonson

Under 16 Male

  • 1st Bailey Woefall
  • 2nd Thomas Woefall
  • Overall winning team
  • Weinsmith on 144
  • Gleeson on 127
  • Stanley on 115
  • Scott on 108