U3A art group at The Art House

"The satisfaction of seeing people achieve what they want to achieve" is artist Gerald Moore's motivation in guiding the U3A art group to its latest exhibition, from April 18-25 at The Art House at Mill Street, Clare.

Everyone is invited to a drink and nibbles at the exhibition opening, at 6pm on Thursday, April 18. The show is open from 10am daily and will feature works in pastels, acrylics, oils, watercolours and ink.

Members of the group come from Brinkworth, Jamestown, Rhynie, Clare and nearby towns to the class held on Wednesdays at Auburn, and enjoy experimenting - as well as just getting together.

"This is a likeminded group. No-one will ever criticise anyone. There's real harmony in the group," said Murray Stolte, who joined 18 months ago.

Ruth Stolte has written "Be Bold" in big letters on her easel. "I have been afraid of colour so that's what I remind myself," she explained, smiling.

Gerald Moore, an acclaimed artist who has held many exhibitions of his own work over the years, moves from person to person in the class, showing simple ways people can take their work up a notch.

"Gerald's lovely. He never criticises. He'll come along and then he'll say, 'Now if you change this colour or smudge the colour you'll see a difference. Try it,' " says Kay Williams.

"We do all forms of art here," Mr Moore said. "I help them to discover what they want to do: I don't line them up and teach them how to paint like I paint.

"People never know what they're good at until they try.

"People here tend to stay with the group. They like one another's company," he said.

A voice calls from across the room, "Plus, we've got a good teacher!"

To join the art group or learn about U3A's many other activities, email asku3a@gmail.com or visit u3alowernorth.com