Child's play | Trending

Child's play | Trending

From fancy footwear to cute critters, here's a bunch of fun stuff to brighten your child's day (and night).

Pikmi Pops DoughMi, $30 for large pack. This sweet-scented range of plush toys (there are more than 40 to collect) is available in small, medium and jumbo size. Available at all major toy retailers.

Micro Cruiser, $239.95. Look at what rolled into town, with its cool retro handlebars and fender brake. This is the ultimate two wheeler for kids on the move.

Koala portrait, $292. We all know how much kids like to decorate their walls - this adorable print adds something unique to your child's bedroom decor.

Kids slim print thongs, $25. The bold graphic shapes on these thongs make them stand out from the pack.

Lil Blue shorts, $59. Most kids love splashing about in the water, and the majority are also fascinated by any creature that's made it into the Guinness Book of Records.

Moonlite Fairy Tales, $59.99. The Moonlite projector is portable, lightweight and easily clips to any IOS or android mobile phone, bringing stories to life through the projector and the phone's torch. A gift pack comes with one projector and five story reels and is available at Kmart.

Esteban Mustache Monster wall decal hanger, $34.95. This cheeky monster is a decorative and functional item to hang in a kid's bedroom, while slightly reducing the number of clothes piled on the floor.

Natralus bubble bath, $14.95. Bathtime can be great fun, especially if it involves copious amounts of bubbles. This soap and sulphate free formula gently cleanses young skin.

Pocket kite, $16. Light, easy to launch and fly, these compact kites are frameless, with pockets sewn into the wings that fill with air to create lift. Because they have no rigid frames crash landings are gentle and relaunch is simple.

Krayon Kids three-piece dining set, $59.95. A unique table and chairs set where young artists can create mini masterpieces.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack unicorn backpack, $25.99. Like dinosaurs, the popularity of unicorns knows no bounds.

Sunnylife plush flamingo slippers, $36.99. With flappy wings and bobble heads, slippers have never been so much fun.

Hot Wheels Color Shifters Sharkport Showdown, $32.99. Escape the giant car-chomping shark in this action-packed, colour-changing thrill ride. Comes with a Color Shifters car, a dunk tank and splash pool. Available at Kmart, Big W and Target.