Aussie carob growing in demand

Working together: Michael Jolley said his wife Jam was the back bone of the company and the reason for the success of the orchard and products.
Working together: Michael Jolley said his wife Jam was the back bone of the company and the reason for the success of the orchard and products.

Booborowie business Australian Carobs was born from a dream and is now getting known in the United States as the best tasting carob in the world  - with customers loving the quality sweet taste and manufacturers creating new, modern, great tasting products made with The Australian Carob Co carob powder.

A big question in the mind of manufacturers, especially within the US, is supply and supply security with The Australian Carob Co being the only bulk supplier of sweet tasting carob in the world.

It’s a great position for Michael and Jam Jolley to now be in after 19 years of dedicated work developing the orchard, manufacturing facility and brand.

The Australian market for carob was good, but the couple found that in the US it was there was another giant world out there.

The couple purchased their 76-acre block of broad acre farming land back in 2000, with a crazy thought of planting 6000 carob trees to offer a point of difference to the market of a quality sweet tasting carob powder.

"As a general gardener, when you've got nothing to lose, your willing to risk it all on a crazy dream," Michael said.

The Australian Carob Co’s Australian product range includes roasted carob powder, raw carob powder, carob Kibble Nibbles and carob syrup. But in the US its agent, Carobou, has released six different carob bars under The Australian Carob Co’s brand, calling them the Aussie Sharkbar.

The success in the US is gathering momentum every month with growing sales and more manufacturers interested in using the organic, non-GMO sweet tasting carob powder in their products and within their future product development.

Companies in the US and Canada producing products using Australian carob include Carobou, Uncommon Carob, Missy J’s, Vukoo, Mocolate and with several companies repacking Australian carob under their own branding.

Michael said the success in the US of the company's products was a dream come true and every month sales were growing. Other developing countries taking on Australian Carob are India and South Korea, where the couple see huge market potential developing in the near future.

Mark believes that companies within Australia needed to consider their export potential within mega-markets to capture their market share.

"My wife, Jam, is the back bone of our company and the reason for our success of the orchard and products," he said. "A dedicated wife is a powerful driving force that gives a dream the possibility of becoming a reality."

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