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SA Police has urged people to protect themselves from would-be scammers by simply being educated about scams and being alert to the potential.

Members of the public often contact police to alert them to unsolicited emails, phone calls, online messages or even mail which purports to be from a range of people or organisations, but is a falsehood.

The scammers can be seeking money or personal details such as banking information.

Often scammers will use the names or branding of reputable organisations in a bid to win the confidence of their target – such as a police organisation, the tax office, or other government agencies.

When police become aware of particular scams, alerts are often issued, however scammers can make contact at any time with anyone in the South Australian community, so it is important to be vigilant.

The claims, tactics, payments methods and central premise can change as scammers attempt to avoid detection.

To learn how to protect yourself and Know The Scam visit:


Police and major crash investigators spent several hours at an incident at Mundoora, approximately 15km north of Port Broughton, where a man was struck by a truck on Wednesday, February 6.

Just before 2pm, police and paramedics were called to Spencer Highway after a truck being pulled onto the tray of another truck rolled off and stuck a man.

The man, 67, of Port Broughton, died at the scene.