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An excerpt from the Clare Branch Agricultural Bureau

An advertisement for J. D. Gilchrist Tailor, Clare in 1919.

An advertisement for J. D. Gilchrist Tailor, Clare in 1919.

Meeting, January 10. 

Secretary reported having received bound copy of Agricultural Journal and that he had placed it on the table of the reading room at the institute. 

Letter received from Roseworthy College relating to price of pedigreed seed wheat, oats and barley.

Secretary applied information in connection with homestead meeting at Mr Dex’s, and in answer to members gave the weight of pig killed at six months old 107lbs and the dressed weight of six months old crossbred lambs as 61lbs. 

Bro Boehmer initiated a discussion on the paper read by the secretary at the November meeting and impressed on members the duty of assisting returned soldiers who might desire to settle on the land, and pointed out how members could, in various ways, help in the task of successfully settling the soldiers on the land. 

Captain Mensies, the secretary of the local Repatriation Committee, outlined the rules and regulations of the repatriation scheme and assured the members that the local committee would be only too pleased to receive any practical suggestions to help forward the work of repatriation. 

It was resolved that the secretary got in touch with returned soldiers, and ask them to become members of the bureau. 

Lucky time for marrying

See our exhibition in Clare's Town Hall viewing room this February.

See our exhibition in Clare's Town Hall viewing room this February.

The notion that certain times of the year are more favourable to marriage than others had its origins in the days of ancient Rome. 

The Goddess Maia was not propitious to marital happiness, where as June, a good and virtuous wife of Jupiter was the patron of happy marriages. 

Brides therefore selected June in preference to May, as their hymeneal month.  

For similar reasons March, being dedicated to the god Maia, was not a favourable month, as disputes were apt to be the rule between the contracting parties. 

Every month had its good or bad influence. 

Even at the present time, May is considered an unlucky month for marriage. 

In Oriental countries, however, May, being the month of flowers, is the proper month for orange blossoms. June is a popular month for marriages among Americans and Europeans. 

Some authorities in these countries believe that June’s having the longest day in the year is symbolical of a long and happy marriage. A wedding on St Valentine’s Day or other popular holiday indicates a happy union. Being married during a thunderstorm is a sign of bad luck. If the sun shines bright after a storm, the auspices are good for a happy union.