Step back through time

Located in the main street of Riverton,  the Scholz Park Museum is a unique example of the early history of the Clare & Gilbert Valleys.

In 1865 August Scholz moved to Riverton after migrating to Australia in 1860. A wheelwright by trade, August built his home and shop in Torrens Road.

Over the years he expanded his business and together with his three sons provided the growing community with wheelwright, blacksmith, machinist and coachbuilding services.

The business continued until 1966 and in 1970 the surviving grandsons sold all of the buildings and land to the District Council of Riverton, under the proviso that the whole be preserved as a true example of life in pioneer days.

The buildings and land gained both State Heritage and National Estate listings, restoration work was carried out and in 1981 the doors once again opened to the Scholz Park Museum. Run by an enthusiastic group of volunteers, the Scholz Park Museum Committee, in conjunction with the Clare & Gilbert Valley Council, the Scholz Park Museum is an extraordinary example of South Australia’s early pioneering days.

The standout when you visit the park is its authenticity. The family home houses the main museum.

Each piece of furniture, the books, the lamps and basic household items are the family’s own.

Displays feature the photographic paraphernalia of the youngest son Edwin along with his photographs of the early 20th century and another is dedicated to August’s grandsons who fought in the First World War.

From the house step into the world of early manufacturing in the wheelwright and blacksmith’s shops.Again the originality on display is incredible.  Tools, machinery, the hand blown forges, bellows, horse drawn vehicles and more. Much on view remains from when the Scholz grandchildren closed the doors in 1966.

In addition there is a working well on the grounds which still holds water throughout the year. Visitors can see this amazing piece of history on the last Sunday of each month from 1pm to 3pm, when blacksmiths fire up the forges, admission $3.

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