What does 2019 have in store for you?

ARIES: During 2018 Aries was gearing up for big changes in career and home that are set to become reality during 2019. You’re excited by life but nervous about changes. These changes in career and life direction are set to happen very quickly as you enter January, potentially accompanied by a change of residence. It may take a while to settle into new routines as Aries is likely feeling disoriented or uncertain during January 8-20, June 9-25, and September 14-28 as you find your feet. However, you’ll settle in nicely, with strong stabilising aspects acting during January 19 to February 15, June 3 to July 3, and October 28 to November 20. You’ll have extra money flowing from in from an extra job, and the full exciting potential of life will hit during December when you’ll really start to excel.

TAURUS: Being independent, whilst maintaining a career direction, is important in the coming years, but is a hard call. Whilst Taureans are naturally pragmatic and consider options carefully, it will be hard to constrain yourself. The first best opportunity arises during December 12-20. Travel, education, and the legal aspects of any changes are considerations, and the way you think about things and view life will change throughout the year will change in association with these experiences. The most difficult aspect is keeping focussed on and setting goals, which are generally nebulous for Taurus. However, your level head and good advice guide you during January 19 to February 15, June 3 to July 3, and October 28 to November 20, which are also good times for students, travellers, and legal interests.

GEMINI: Gemini has doubts about where they want their life to go, both generally and in terms of career. These doubts are exacerbated during January 8-20, June 9-25, and September 14-28. However, you’re in a practical frame of mind during January 19 to February 15, June 3 to July 3, and October 28 to November 20, and will let financial considerations guide you. These latter periods are also excellent for securing loans and for reliability of your partner’s income. This is particularly important as there are changes indicated with credit facilities and your partner’s income during 2019. You seem to be in a better position financially from December 2019, so may refinance then or be flush with cash. This is very exciting and timely, enabling you to break free of some of your constraints.

CANCER: 2019 is about rediscovering yourself and your relationships, so expect things to change. Part of that journey of self-discovery involves a tertiary education, travel, or the pursuit of legal interests. You may very well feel that you’re standing on uncertain ground during January, June, and September. However, by working together with your partner, in business or marriage, you’re able to allay fears and achieve your goals during the month-long periods from January 19, June 3, and October 28. Work is in abundance this year, and partnerships bring a great deal of happiness from December onwards. Associated with all these changes is a desire for a better and more exhilarating social life and the achievement of personal goals. Expect exciting developments during December 12-20.

LEO: Leo is restless for change, wanting a stimulating work environment and greater freedom. These trends are more prominent from March 6 and will be operational over a few years, characterised by short-term opportunities (as in contract work). What you really want is independence. However, you feel uncertain about how changes will affect your finances, especially in January, June, and September. These are periods when you need to manage finances carefully. Strong stabilising trends from reliable, steady work seems to win the day, in the month-long periods from January 19, June 3, and October 28. From early December, the right mix of circumstances emerges, bringing good work conditions and greater contentment for the ensuing year. You’re excited by events.

VIRGO: Virgo is often uncertain where they stand with other people during 2019, which potentially leads to misunderstandings that may reverberate in the home. This is especially so in January, June, and September, when you may be feeling a little lost. Countering this is a very positive, practical trend that adds stability during January 19 to February 15, June 3 to July 3, and October 28 to November 20. This is an excellent time for your children and recreational interests, helping to ground you and gain perspective, especially considering changes taking place with kids and your love life. From December, there’s more time for the things you love doing, including the potential of overseas travel. Others might be seeking to improve their qualifications through study: December is full of potential.

LIBRA: In 2019, the main accent for Librans is on domestic and family changes that will continue into 2020. This could mean a major move is pending, but work and financing are aspects that need to be carefully managed over the coming few years. Although you’re enjoying daily life, you seem to be tired or troubled by an elusive health issue during January, June, and September. You tackle matters well in a practical way, helping you to get organised, accomplish work goals, and manage and successfully reach an understanding of issues causing health problems during the month-long periods from January 19, June 3, and October 28. You’re much happier with the way things are progressing on the home-front from December, with an injection of cash from a sale or loan most likely during December 12-20.

SCORPIO: Scorpio’s partnerships need to be flexible during the coming few years, meaning there is not much room for clinginess. Each partner needs to independent, contributing to the health and vitality of the association (whether business or personal). It may take time for you to adjust to the new status quo but this can bring exciting and vibrant possibilities from December. In the interim, where romance and children are concerned, there are still lingering doubts that are highlighted during January, June, and September. However, these doubts are easily allayed by good communication, organised routines, and skilful planning in the month-long periods from January 19, June 3, and October 28. Make the effort to discuss any concerns. There’s room for improvement in routines, plus a new car is likely from year’s end.

SAGITTARIUS: Sagittarius needs to be adaptable over the coming few years where work is concerned. You seem to be quite happy and excited, particularly from December 3, when a good income stream is more easily established. Work involving modern technology, innovative ideas, or flexible schedules will suit you perfectly. Meanwhile, it may take time to settle due to these changes in income, particularly in the first half of 2019. Strong stabilising influences around income assist you in doing so during the month-long periods from January 19, June 3, and October 28. You’re justifiably optimistic about your prospects but will need to familiarise yourself with new or mutable domestic circumstances during January, June, and September. You adapt quite well, aided by a pragmatic attitude.

CAPRICORN: Big changes await Capricorn in 2019, impacting living conditions, relationships, and sense of identity. Largely, these are self-initiated but this doesn’t make the process any easier. You’re likely to feel confused about planning or managing changes, partially due to uncertain conditions during January, June, and September. However, you’re Capricorn, and your strong practical nature kicks in during the month-long periods from January 19, June 3, and October 28, enabling you to plan well, deal with uncertainties, and communicate clearly with a touch of feeling. The disconnectedness on the home front will end from early March, and you’re in the game for more fun and recreation as a result of new-found independence. By year’s end, you’re so much happier with your life.

AQUARIUS: 2019 is about work, health, and lifestyle, so you’re seeking to prioritise these interests. Big adjustments are required and you need to maintain a balanced income whilst doing so. You do have concerns about financial aspects of changes during January, June and September. However, personal application and a practical approach is enormously helpful in providing financial stability during the month-long periods from January 19, June 3, and October 28. A sudden change of residence or changes where you live, also self-initiated, are likely in the coming few years. You already have itchy feet, wanting impatiently to do something. Don’t rush in; make sure the timing is right. Excellent aspects will assist you in implementing changes during December 12-20.

PISCES: Routines are varied and Pisces is less willing to tow the line from March 6. This can be good so long as there is no risk-taking, especially on the roads. You’ve already feeling discontented with the daily status quo, leading to questions about what you want to do with your life and career during January, June, and September. Career options are generally great but it’s important not to make snap decisions, or to be fooled by hollow promises and grandiose dreams. The month-long periods from January 19, June 3, and October 28 will help sort the chaff from the grain. You’re practical then and are quite capable of planning a solid route to the attainment of your dreams. Part of what you need is a better social life; this is definitely coming from December, which kicks off with an exciting burst.

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