Hutt River (Clare) Probus celebrates its 18th

All members were welcomed to the meeting by president Marie Spinks, national anthem,  roll call, birthdays and a 60th wedding anniversary – Janet and Ted McDermid- congratulations were all given.

Reports followed.

Joan Bruce read a lovely old poem “How grain was carted in the olden days” which many could remember.

The members then sang and enjoyed morning tea and a chat.

Barry Buderick entertained us with jokes and an Australian quiz, which created a lot of interaction with members asking questions and giving opinions on all sorts of things, from best holiday, to how to fix youth problems (National Service never hurt anyone).

Happy Birthday to us for 18 years was then sung.

Foundation members Valda Weckert, Joan Bruce and Barbara Weckert were present for the birthday and cut the cake together.

Joan Bruce also spoke of early meetings.

A lunch of turkey, ham and salad preceded by grace recited by Janet McDermid.