Kyle Stocker has a brilliant motocross year

Clare's Kyle Stocker in action.
Clare's Kyle Stocker in action.

Clare’s Kyle Stocker has taken out this year’s Cowboy Cup in the Morgan Motorcycle Club Motocross Series. 

Kyle won the class division for Junior Lites and the Cowboy Cup Club Champion award was awarded to him for the most points accumulated in the whole year of racing across all classes.

Morgan Motorcycle Club president Mark Johnstone was pleased to announce the winners and was equally impressed with Kyle’s successful run this year. 

Winners included: ​65cc- 1st Harry Lashford, 2nd Tyson Garrard, 3rd Max Heinrich; 65cc Girls- 1st Charlize Waldhuter, 85cc 9-U12- 1st Max Heinrich, 2nd Damian O'Callaghan, 3rd Harry Guy; 85cc 12-15- 1st Mitchell Radzevicivs, 2nd Kade Bowles, 3rd Tyson Jarvis; 85cc 12-15 Girls- 1st Viane Guy.Junior Lites- 1st Kyle Stocker, 2nd Jack Rowley, 3rd Liam Jenkins; Junior Sidecar - 1st Lachlan Coppen/Cooper Dabrowski.

MX2 (Snr Lites)- 1st Adam Ryan, 2nd Letitia Matters, 3rd Teagan Hartwig; MX1 (Snr Open)- 1st Peter Hounsell, 2nd Letitia Matters, 3rd Adam Ryan; Womens- 1st Letitia Matters, 2nd Olivia Waldhuter. Veterans- 1st Peter Hounsell, 2nd Shane Schutz.