Blooming good photos at Clare Camera Club competition

Judging the Clare Camera Club ‘flower’ competition meant Chris Schultz needed a fertile imagination to keep coming up with comments that were as varied as the many types of flowers shown.

Flowers need to be technically correct but Chris dug deep and helped with his tips for improvements.

Clare Garden Club members were guests for the night and were tested their knowledge of names.

They also said the way the flowers were photographed gave them a different view of the plants and they now had a new appreciation of them.

For a complete change, the November 2 meeting will feature ‘trains’.

Join us at the Clare Uniting Church at 8pm. Dianne Stevenson can answer any enquiries on 8842 3872.


Set Subject  “Flowers” judged by  Chris Schultz


Honour: Ian Trengove 3, Len Scott 1, Jenny Reid 1, Glenda Cornwill 1, Lynne Robinson 3

Merit: Julie Budarick 1, Glenda Cornwill 2, Len Scott  1, Sonja Czora 2


Honour: Lynne Robinson 2, Jenny Reid 1, Glenda Cornwill 2, Janet Paterson 1

Merit: Glenda Cornwill 1, Len Scott 3, Dianne Stevenson 1, Julie Budarick 2, Ian Trengove 3, Sonja Czora 1, Lynne Robinson 1, Jenny Reid 1.