Kerry Rowett of Awaken Kinesiology steps outside comfort zone

Kerry Rowett, former Marrabel girl, overcame her struggles and is now helping others.
Kerry Rowett, former Marrabel girl, overcame her struggles and is now helping others.

From Marrabel farm girl to a self-published author, Kerry Rowett didn’t think her love for helping others would lead to where she is today. 

The kinesiologist, reiki master and, now, author began her journey of study into alternative therapy after she felt kinesiology had helped to change her life. 

Ms Rowett said she struggled on and off with depression for about 14 years and it was kinesiology that helped to make it disappear and the want to help others was realised. 

“It can actually change lives,” she said. 

The former teacher then started practicing kinesiology and has gone on to help entrepreneurs throughout the world. 

From one on one coaching, Ms Rowett then held alignment classes – with between 30 and 40 clients – before gaining the courage to write her book. 

After creating her Align and Attract program (also the title of her book) she has helped countless people to create the businesses they love. 

Align + Attract: Align Your Energy to Create a Business you Actually Love began as, what Ms Rowett thought would be, a how-to guide but it quickly changed. 

Before long, the character Anna evolved and the story turned into her struggles and everyday life. 

Ms Rowett said ‘Anna’ was someone many of the readers could relate and align themselves to. 

“It’s all the things people come up against,” she said. 

While not a long book, Ms Rowett said she was encouraged to simply ‘write it’ and as long as the content was correct, it wouldn’t matter. 

It’s a part story, part guidebook on how to create more alignment in your business. 

Ms Rowett said Align + Attract was created to help inspire, motivate and help entrepreneurs to attract clients and gain clarity about what they wanted in their business.

Released on October 1, Ms Rowett said she didn’t think it would be as popular as it has been. 

Through Kindle stores, it reached number one for small business and entrepreneurship books.

It is currently, (as of October 11) sitting at number 20 for all books in Australia in Small Business and Entrepreneurship on Kindle. 

What exactly does Kerry do? 

She primarily serves successful and ambitious entrepreneurs and high achievers who desire to live and grow in true alignment, with deep integrity.

Helps clear blocks, release unhelpful patterns, and dissolve stagnant energy, and connect to your own power and inner knowing.

She primarily works with her entrepreneurial clients in my Align + Attract group program, where she teaches how to shift your own blocks and energetically align with your goals using my signature technique – The Alignment Process.

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