Clare Camera Club's September competition

There should be a chimney!!

Clare Camera Club’s competition ‘Chimney’ certainly had members fired up with one photo having 68 chimneys in it.

Judge Susie Lipert was a bit hot under the collar when it came to dull lighting and crooked chimneys but ended up awarding a red hot chimney the top award.

Surprisingly very few chimneys actually had smoke issuing from them.

The following competition ‘Flowers’ was held at Clare Uniting Church on October 5. 

All welcome.

Enquiries to Dianne Stevenson 8842 3872



Honour: Ian Trengove 1, Len Scott 1. Glenda Cornwill 1, Lynne Robinson 2

Merit; Ian Trengove 1, Dianne Stevenson 1, Jenny Reid 2, Julie Budarick 1, Glenda Cornwill 1, Maggie Fraser 1, Len Scott 2, John Nicholls 1, Sonja Czora 1.


Honour: Lynne Robinson 2, Jenny Reid 1, Ian Trengove 2, Len Scott 1, Glenda Cornwill 1, Doreen Hill 1, Janet Paterson 1, John Nicholls  1 

Merit: Glenda Cornwill 1, Len Scott 1, Gerald Moore 1, Dianne Stevenson 1, Julie Budarick 1, Ian Trengove 1, Sonja Czora 1, Lynne Robinson 1, Doreen Hill 1

For more information about Clare Camera Club call 8842 3872.