Manoora Primary School students excel

It was excitement all round for two Manoora Primary school students who placed in the Food & Fibre Science SA Investigation Awards at the Royal Adelaide Show.

Manoora Primary School students Jed Voigt and Boston Schwartz with their awards.

Manoora Primary School students Jed Voigt and Boston Schwartz with their awards.

Year 5 student Jed Voigt was recognized for his outstanding science project and was the overall winner in the primary school section.

A fellow pupil at the school, Boston Schwartz received third prize in the year four level.

Jed’s chose his research theme “What crop germinates the fastest”.

He said he observed during the specific process from four cereal varieties of wheat, barley, oats and lentil crops.

“Recording data to the experiment I found these grains all grew at the same time in optimal conditions,” he said.

Jed thought the hands-on experience was interesting and would be helpful in the future if he decided to be a farmer.   

Macroinvertebrates was Boston science choice said finding and assessing the many different types of small insects found in water catchments was fascinating.

“I collected samples from the River Wakefield and around our farm and house dams and natural springs. My study showed how important these creatures are to enable us to have healthy water systems for farming, gardening and animals,” he said. 

This year 92 entries were received in the show’s science awards for year levels 5-12 from 110 students covering various schools across the state.        

Each student selected a science theme relevant to their individual interest from macroinvertebrates, shoes, photography, compost and growing cereal crops to explore what happens where food and fibres are grown from farms to every day use.

All entries were judged at the show by a panel of 10 groups of professional judges.

“It was great and exciting day but we were both a bit nervous when we were interviewed by the judging panel who asked us lots of questions about our science topics,” Jed said.     

A ribbon and cash prizes are issued to the first, second and three placed winners as well as receiving an engraved plaque in recognition of the award for their school.

Both Jed and Boston are discussing ideas to put some of their prize money towards science equipment for the school.

Class teacher Ms Heather Merritt said all the students had done fantastic work in the competition.

“Students were able to undertake their activities in the classroom as well as being supported by their parents at home. This has been a wonderful experience and opportunity for the students to showcase our schools achievements to the wider schools and community,” Ms Merritt said.