Students to get a cheesy education

Clare High Students taste testing some of Great Ocean Road's cheese products.
Clare High Students taste testing some of Great Ocean Road's cheese products.

Clare High School will use science to learn about great tasting dairy products.

The Great Ocean Road Curds and Why programme is designed to bring real-life science into the classroom by examining the cheese making process and the chemistry of great tasting cheese.

Students will then use this knowledge and their creativity to design a ‘dairy billboard’ to promote the Australian dairy industry and to showcase the connection between Chemistry- Curds-Cheese. Each students’ dairy billboard will be judged, with winners announced at the end of the programme.

Briony Wringe, Great Ocean Road Senior Brand Manager said Curds and Why highlights the vast array of opportunities in the Australian dairy industry.

“We’re proud to support a programme that offers real-life learning of how chemistry and dairy products connect,” Ms Wringe said.

“By completing science experiments and reports, the students learn that there are many different skills and career opportunities in the dairy industry – there’s science, chemistry, maths, and manufacturing – all of which make Australia’s dairy industry vibrant and cutting-edge.”

Students Jaxon and Wez.

Students Jaxon and Wez.

The pilot programme involves 10 schools from across Australia, and is offered as a curricular activity within the school’s Science classes. Students and teachers are provided with resources and curriculum for the duration of the programme, as well as a $100 Coles gift voucher to purchase Great Ocean Road products.

As an extra side competition to the programme, students also have an opportunity to enter the Take a Journey Along the Great Ocean Road competition. Students are invited to design an advertisement using at least one Great Ocean Road product. Not only will the winning advertisement receive $1,000, but it will also be used as a promotion for Great Ocean Road products.

At the conclusion of the Curds and Why programme each student will be awarded a certificate for completing the programme. The national ‘dairy billboard’ will receive $500 for their school, the second placegetter will receive $250 for their school and the third placegetter will receive $100 for their school. The results will be announced on 19 October 2018 with prizes presented to the winning schools and students.