42 reports have been made in the past four weeks in regards to stolen property in the Mid North

A total of 42 reports have been made in the past four weeks in regards to stolen property in the Yorke Mid North area and police are asking the public to be vigilant or lock it before they lose it.

Of these thefts, 17 have occurred in the Mid North and 25 on the Yorke Peninsula with many of these reports of incidents coming from motor vehicles.

Police have raised concerns that almost half of the thefts were from insecure vehicles or off the back of utilities. 

“Thieves have targeted tools from the back utilities and purses and mobile phones from unlocked cars. Police ask that people be vigilant and secure their belongings to reduce the opportunity for theft to occur. Don’t leave items unattended and if you need to leave valuables in your vehicle then secure them out of sight”, a police spokesperson said. 

In the Clare region, there has been four trailers stolen. They were all left unsecured and accessible from the front of a premises. 

Police suggest owners take the time to secure their trailer to a fixed object with a lock and chain when not in sure. 

It is encouraged by police that you photograph, engrave or mark valuables with your driver’s licence number prefixed with ‘S’ for South Australia and record the make, model and serial number of items. 

If your property is stolen, the chances of items being returned to you by the police are increased. 

Some times are not suitable for engraving or making. These include jewellery, special collections, silverware, stamps or coins, painting and antiques, these items should be photographed. 

Anyone witnessing any suspicious behaviour is urged to call the police assistance line on 131 444. Anyone with information about these recent thefts is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online

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