Burra Regional Art Gallery's latest exhibition

Self Portrait by Margaret Walsh. This work will be part of the exhibition Locals in Burra Regional Art Gallery.
Self Portrait by Margaret Walsh. This work will be part of the exhibition Locals in Burra Regional Art Gallery.

Showing at Burra Gallery are photographic works of "faces and places, people and landscapes" by Margaret Walsh.

Margaret is known for her powerful and evocative portraits of the people we meet daily. Her challenging self portrait shown here will be part of the exhibition Locals.

In the last few years Margaret has successfully exhibited in the Royal Society of Arts, winning the portrait prize in 2017.  

She also won Burra Gallery's portrait prize in 2016 and Art of the Flower and Garden 2017. This year she was a finalist in the Emma Hack Art Prize.

Margaret is interested in being available to students for discussion, questions and answers regarding her art practice.

Also on display is Barbara Hanrahan Focus, the result of a recent gift by one of Barbara’s old boyfriends from the early 1960s, Barry Wright, also Chairman of the Board, Burra Regional Art Gallery.

Author, printmaker and lecturer at the SA School of Art, Barbara Hanrahan was a well known artist until her early death in 1991, and remains the subject of much interest.

The Collection consists of 10 works, private letters, and handprints of Barbara and her lifelong partner Jo Steel. 

There is also a memoir written by Barry, who is the wool classer with a harelip mentioned in the book Sea Green. Stories abound - Barbara had told Barry that the South Australian School of Art, where she was teaching, had a need of models, and that he may be interested in applying during one of the wool industry downturns.

"I’m not sure if I have a model body", was his remark.

"They like odd shapes", her smiling reply.

Barbara couldn’t remember doing a woodcut she gave Barry in the early part of their relationship.

Could she have it back? Two other prints were given in replacement.

That woodcut, Pin Up, is now in the National Gallery Canberra, and the National Gallery has given a reproduction to Burra Gallery after hearing the story. How good is that?

This and other snippets are in the memoir detailing a friendship that lasted for decades, and published in the booklet Barbara and Me and the Moon.

All Barbara's books, a number of them signed, are also included in the exhibition.