Clare and District Hockey Association results

UNDER 14s: BALAKLAVA 1 lost to BURRA 3

The first game of the day was played in very cold conditions with some crazy hair styles being sported by members of both teams in support of a Crazy Hair day fundraiser.  Both teams came out fighting with the ball moving back and forth between the two ends. Some great teamwork from Burra saw Lucas score a lovely goal. Balaklava worked hard but were unable to score during the first half.  Balaklava started the second half with some good stick work but Burra quickly took the ball and were unlucky not to score a goal. Balaklava defended well throughout the half but Burra were able to score two quick goals close together. The ball moved between the two ends and a few minutes before the end of the game Balaklava were able to score a goal.

BURRA 1 def CLARE 0: 

This round wraps up the Minor Round for the Under 14 competition.  Next week sees the Semi Final played in Balaklava at 9.30am between BALAKLAVA and CLARE.  Burra’s Under 14s team goes straight to the Grand Final (to be played on 26th August).

UNDER 18s: CDHA United 4 def Tanunda 0

The crisp fresh morning in Clare saw these two teams play each for the last time in the minor rounds.  Tanunda did not bring their full team this week and CDHA capitalised on this well.  The ball moved around well with CDHA in control and dictating the game.  At the 10 minute mark Nick Laurie did a lovely brotherly pass to Mitchell who was able to put CDHA on the score board.  Overheads seemed to be the flavour even if they were a little out and the ball completely disappeared from a foot which added to the games fun.  CDHA got off to a cracker second half with a short rewarded by some good movement by Isaac Hamann.  It was nicely injected to Harrison Williams who passed off to Max Price for a score.  Grass fields certainly give a different dimension to the game and CDHA kept their game in control and dictated the game.  Some quick, direct passing from Isaac Hamann provided Nick Laurie with a score. Tanunda are always a very strong team to play, missing a number of key players, CDHA were able to come away with a strong win.

UNDER 15s: CDHA United 3 def Tanunda 1

The temperature was still to hit double digits by the time this game started at 12.30.  Thankfully many players had played earlier and still had a bit of warmth in them.  This was a ‘must win’ game for the CDHA United team to try and save the third spot on the competition ladder.  The game started strong for the CDHA side, however Tanunda were tight in their defence and refused to let a goal through.  At about the 5 minute mark, Nick Lawrie pushed through and scored the first goal for the CDHA side.  This lifted the team and they came out determined to back it up.  Nick Burfitt scored a second goal for CDHA United with great celebration, however Tanunda were not about to give up.  Tanunda’s determination paid off with a goal scored by Lewis Bulla before half time.  With hail coming down, the second half saw both teams fight through the challenging conditions. It was certainly a reminder to both teams (and spectators) that hockey is certainly a winter sport.

B Women: CDHA United 2 def Tanunda White 0

There was a front come through with heavy rain and hail, making it not so inviting to play.  With negotiations it was agreed to make a start and assess if the next front hits.  Both these teams feeling the freshness of the day, one player resorting to waterproof pants!  The game was played in good spirit and a little fun.  The ground wet and slippery as a number found out – brown did not really go with either uniform.  Even the umpires were careful with their footwork.  Mary Heslop was the first to score a field goal in the first half. 

Trinity Beverdam donned the goalie gear for the first time in B women and kept a clean slate to her name.