BSR marches on in NEFL

Snap shot: R.S.M.U's Craig Mullins attempts a shot on goal. Photo: Carly Grant Photography.
Snap shot: R.S.M.U's Craig Mullins attempts a shot on goal. Photo: Carly Grant Photography.

BSR vs. South Clare

The Tigers made it their lucky 13th win in a row, defeating South Clare by 76 points at Redhill Oval.

After a lackluster first half, BSR put the foot down in the third term.

They conceded just one goal after the main break.

Inaccurate early and kicking six points in each of the opening two terms, the Tigers would go on to win 17.14 (116) to 6.4 (40).

“It was a disappointing first half by us and the boys knew about it, don't worry,” BSR coach Liam Whitwell said.

“We certainly ran in front of the ball in the first half and weren't accountable enough.

“As a group we need to work on perfecting our structures and the discipline to stay with these structures moving forward.

“We did have a couple of small milestones as Charlie Mumford plaid his first A grade game and up forward Alex Morgan clocked up his 50th senior game.

“We did collect some injuries out of this game at Redhill Oval.

“Mark Shane will be out for the remainder of the season after breaking his collarbone; he was having it pinned on Tuesday.

“Todd Culley injured his hamstring and is expected to be sidelined for three to four weeks, while Simon Goss rolled an ankle and could be out for one to two weeks.”

Having 33 scoring shots to 10, better players for Tigers included Sam Martin with five goals, defenders Tom Wilsdon, Adam MacKenzie and accomplished teenager down back, Mitch Catford.

Cameron Longbottom was creative on his wing and Jack Haarsma worked hard in the engine room.

Along with Martin's five-goal haul Alex Morgan finished with four and Luke Hayes kicked three.

Todd Culley before he left the ground and Lachie Wilsdon both slotted through a brace.

Dominic Costanzo was good early for South and their solid performers included Nick Smith, utility Mitch Reynolds, Nick Owen, Brendan Barton in defence and Alex Heinrich.

Up forward Daniel Kuhndt kicked two goals for the Dees.


Five goals down at quarter time after a modest opening term, the RSMU Hawks then kicked 12 goals to one for the remainder of this game.

The Hawks would finally win the game 14.13 (97) to BBH 8.5 (53) by a comfortable 44 point margin, but this was after they led by just three points the at the half-time break.

“BBH got us on the back foot and our start was atrocious,” Hawks coach Steve Lubcke said.

“It wasn’t a seven goal breeze, maybe three to four.

“Perhaps it was a bit of a tricky wind at Burra Oval; it took us to quarter time to regroup, but they did only kick one goal after quarter time.

“With five unanswered goals in the second term we got a back onto an even keel at half-time.

“We really need to address our starts although the BBH Rams were very good early.”

Justin Schahinger produced a dominant display in ruck and was comfortably best on ground in this contest.

He was followed by Zack Hier playing the link-up role at centre half-forward.

Evergreen veteran James Vandeleur gave plenty of run across half back and Sam Noack continues to grow in the key defensive role, adapted quickly.

Around the ball Billy Nicholls and Mitchell Sandery were among the best players for the victors.

Deep forwards Craig Mullins and Damian Hynes kicked seven goals between them, while Jack Connell and Mitch Sandery finished with two goals each.

For the Rams Tom Drew was the stand out as a strong body midfielder and also kicked three goals.

Jack Rowe, Johnny Lynch and Eli Dayman were all productive for the hosts.

Christopher James and Robbie Hall also had their moments.

BBH’s other multiple goal kicker was Robbie Bartee with a pair.

Blyth-Snowtown vs. Southern Saints

Travelling across the breadth of the North Eastern competition, Blyth-Snowtown took a half to shake off Southern Saints, but would go on to win by 92 points over the young Eudunda-Robertstown side which looks tired as it's season gets closer to the end.

The Cats had only kicked four goals to half-time, but their hosts had yet to register their first major. They would go on to win 16.15 (111) to 2.7 (19).

“It was a nice day at Eudunda, but a strong breeze blowing towards the swimming pool into the ground,” Cats coach Carey Payne said.

“The Saints played with a few behind the ball and it took us a while to get going.

“We started to out run and out play them in the second half.

“Our skill level was a lot better in the second half as we wasted too many opportunities in the first half. “Caleb Lloyd was again best on ground; his work ethic was astronomical and he is certainly a freak in football terms.”

Along with Lloyd’s best on ground performance and quite possibly three votes from the officials, other strong performers were senior players, dual Mail Medalist Ryan Darling and Gareth Ottens around the ball.

Across half back Nathan Zweck and Lachlan Summers both had big games while Will Pratt's role in ruck continues to grow as he spends more time on the ground.  

Darling and Scott Atkinson both kicked four goals each while Callen Kennett finished with a pair

For the Saints, Richard Schmidt and Dane Pfitzner were their only goal kickers and Ben Perkins was easily their best. Other Saints who were noted solid contributors included Ryan Reese, Kane Schulz and Jack Wilkins.

Sam Nietschke and Jarred Leditschke had some impact as well.

North Clare vs. Min-Man

After shaking off a stubborn Min-Man early, North Clare had already set up a 24-point lead quarter time. They kicked another eight goals in the second quarter and run away convincing winners by 126 points.

The final score was North Clare 26.22 (178) to Min-Man's 8.4 (52).

“The Eagles were good early, especially Billy Sandow around the centre square,” North Clare coach Peter Cook said.

“He gave them some real drive, but we started to get on top halfway through the opening term.

“Our midfield started to dominate after we lost Jake Panaho to concussion in the opening 10 minutes.

“We have plenty of targets up forward with Dallas Hill and Tyson Pawley taking a number of marks.

“After that opening 15 minutes, we started to get a bit of outside run and really pepper the goals having plenty of it.

“What I was happy with is that we were consistent across the four quarters and there are number of strong performances.

“Daniel Garrard was outstanding, he kicked six goals from his wing and Stevo (Tom Stevens) kicked four from the centre.

“That was along with having about 40 possessions.

“After his 4.8 last week at one stage Tyson Pawley had 1.10 and finished with four goals for the game. “James Brown played well in the midfield when he got his opportunity and Charlie Helbig was outstanding on his wing as well, which meant we have some dominance across the centre-line.”

Along with the aforementioned Jared O'Reilly across half back and changing on the ball and Ryan Laidlaw both had strong performances

Roosters coach Peter Cook was also happy with the spread of goal kickers, as along with Garrard’s six and four each to Stevens and Pawley, Dallas Hill kicked three, while Scott Kuerschner and William Nickolai finished with two each.

Bill Sandow and Luke McDermid was certainly the best for the Eagles, along with Luke Broadbent, Lorenzo Jones and young ruckman Dale Eichner who competed manfully in ruck.