Clare and District Hockey Association results

There’s a chance Amber Longo couldn’t see Thomas Lymburn’s foot!

There’s a chance Amber Longo couldn’t see Thomas Lymburn’s foot!


BURRA 4 def BALAKLAVA 0; Goals Burra: Jed Devine 2, Bradtke Stockman 2

As the fog lifted, the game commenced at the whistles call, with both teams looking to make their mark. Burra’s strong play put Balaklava on notice forcing them to work very hard in defence. It was great to see the older more experienced players drawing their younger team mates into the play. Balaklava goalie Ezra Lockwood foiled an early attempt to score from Annalise Stockman, while Sarah Miller in her first year of hockey made her presence felt in the defensive line up. A beautiful pass to Jed Divine caught Balaklava unawares as he slipped the ball expertly past Ezra.  Bradkte Stockman quickly followed suit leaving the home team down by two goals at half time.

Buoyed by their success, Burra took charge of the game in the second half able to weave the ball past Balaklava players who worked tirelessly to stop their run. Burra’s ability to back up their own players and get onto any loose balls and continue the charge to goal eventually took its toll on their opposition resulting in another goal from Jed.  Bradtke not to be outdone, quickly showed his capabilities in adding a fourth score! After two tense short corners for Balaklava at the final whistle, it was game over.  Burra had outrun Balaklava’s valiant efforts to take a confident win. Well played to both teams.

BURRA 3 def CLARE 1; Goals Burra: Bradtke Stockman 2, Saxon Nicholls 1. Goal Clare: Izzy Price


CDHA UNITED 1 lost to NURIOOTPA 6; Goal CDHA United: Isaac Hamann

Always a physical game with these two clubs, the game started quite nicely and was played fairly all match. Pressuring us in defence were Byron And Tristan from Nuri, while moving it down the field well for them were Josh Longo and Tyla Bishop, often combining well with a 1-2.

Numerous short corners for Nuri were defended well by Lachie, Ella and Jamie in goals, but eventually Josh Longo found a way in and put Nuri on the scoreboard with a lovely shot. Not long after we missed a hit out and it was jumped on by Amber Longo for an easy goal to Nuri. Half time 2-1 down.

Nuri started strong and worked the ball down well where Josh Longo was able to put in an easy goal to the right of the keeper.

Clare had a chance soon after and had a lovely play where Nick Lawrie hit a cracker form the top of the circle but just missed to the right of goal. Play moved through the middle with CDHA using the left side of the pitch, and after more back and forth Nuri turned it over and Josh Longo ran it form the 3/4 line all the way to goals for their 4th.

Soon after they added another from a short Corner with a lovely shot by Tyla Bishop into goals.

Clare had a few more chances through Thomas, Isaac, Mitch and Bizi, also helped by Jasper but to no avail. Nuri finished strong with another Josh Longo lead up with a nice flat ball, that got past Jamie’s dive, to the player on the post who tapped it in to give them a 6-1 win for the day.


CDHA UNITED 1 lost to NURIOOTPA 2; Goal CDHA United: Nick Lawrie, Goals Nuriootpa:  Marissa Lovell 1, Josh Longo 1

Quite warm and sunny conditions for July at Stockwell. After some good linking up by Ella and Bizzy down the wing saw the play go into CDHA’s attack early in the first half resulting in a short corner which was unable to be converted. 

The first goal of the game was scored by Nuri from a quick solo attacking run.  Some good passing through the mid-field to Nicky B who had a shot at goal but just missed across the face.  A few runs by Nuriootpa into their attack were held up by good defensive play by Clare. 

More good passing down the wing resulted in another short corner for Clare which was nicely converted by Nick Lawrie. 

Nuriootpa then had several consecutive short corners which were strongly defended by Clare, however, late in the first half a short corner awarded after another fast attacking run saw Nuri saw their second goal of the game. 

The second half saw Nuri continue to attack with strong Clare defence holding them out. Play see sawed up and down the field for much of the half.