Letters to the editor

Show time: Matt Hagger in the shearing action at a prior Crystal Brook show, this year's show will be held on August 11.
Show time: Matt Hagger in the shearing action at a prior Crystal Brook show, this year's show will be held on August 11.

A vague answer

In 2017 I wrote to then Treasurer, Tom Koutsantounis regarding comments he made on a talkback radio program, which turned out to be less than factual.

Three months later I received a page and a half of gobbledigook polispeak which would have made the script writer for ‘Yes Minister’ proud, none of which addressed my question.

In early May this year I wrote to Water Minister David Speirs asking if the Adelaide desal plant had been paid for and if not when would it be, because in 2011 then Water Minister Paul Caica told me the reason for the 90% increase in my water rates was to pay for it, and rates have not returned to their former level.

Nearly three months later I received a response which almost completely ignored my question and gave a big spiel on what wonderful things the new government intends to do regarding water pricing.

Isn’t it comforting in a world of chaos and change we can still rely on our elected representative (irrespective of their political colours) to provide vague, evasive and tardy responses while carefully avoiding a direct answer, to simple, straightforward questions from us pesky electors?

Tony Donnellan, 


A true story – with thanks

Recently as I was standing outside Ashford Hospital waiting for a taxi, something happened.

I looked to my right and coming towards me was a young woman holding, in her left hand, a beautiful bunch of long-stemmed yellow roses.

They were quite eye-catching to see.

As she came nearer to me I exclaimed ‘aren’t they beautiful’.

The stranger smiled and agreed as she continued walking past me.

I presumed she was taking the roses as a gift to someone in the hospital, when she suddenly stopped, turned, took out on of the roses from the bunch and presented it to me.

I immediately protested but she said smiling ‘it is a special kindness gift for you!’ and took off walking past the hospital entrance and on her way down the street.

So I would like to say thank you to this young, thoughtful stranger.

As well as to all of our many friends, family, colleagues (you know who you are) for their expressions of love, friendship and condolences. For the flowers, cards, letters, phone calls and personal comments that you have shared with my family on the passing of Graham.

We acknowledge your remembrance of him.

Thank you.

Ethel Mill,


CommBank letdown

As one of the many CBA customers affected by the closure of Clare branch on June 22, I wish to express my disgust at the total service letdown at their ATM facility over the past two weeks in particular.

Since Monday, July 16, the privilege of cash withdrawals has not been available at this ATM.

In the final goodbye letter from the bank dated, April 3, and signed by the area manager it was specifically stated that the ATM will remain in Clare.

The removal of staff services from the Clare branch was a huge blow to the Clare community in itself but to later renege on the basic services promised is really the final straw.

A telephone call to the mobile of the signatory of the above CBA letter has also been a fruitless exercise.

The CBA will surely be the big losers in this very unsatisfactory situation.

Phillip Basham,