South Clare wins after slow start

MinMan started well in its A1 North Eastern netball match against South Clare, to be up by one at quarter time. South stepped up in the second with great driving by Simone Bennie, giving South a handy lead at half time 18-32. South continued to hold their lead, outscoring MinMan in the third quarter. MinMan came out determined in the last quarter staying with South goal for goal but lost 38-55.

A2 – MinMan 46 v South Clare 48

Both teams started with great drive and commitment with the South goalies shooting accurately. Another tight quarter in the second going goal for goal seeing South didn’t extend their lead. South converted with their turn overs in the third quarter with a lead by six goals at the final break. MinMan really pushed on and stepped up in the fourth but South held on to win by two.

B1 – MinMan 43 v South Clare 29

After a slow start Eagles came out firing in the second quarter, chasing every ball. South changed defence in the third quarter to steady the team and put the pressure on. Eagles came out in the fourth with a focused team to pull away with the win.

B2 – MinMan 48 v South Clare 44

Great start with both teams playing hard for the ball. Goalies were shooting with high accuracy and defenders rebounding well. Close game throughout but MinMan defenders capitalised on rebounds which gained the upper hand, seeing MinMan come out with a good win.

C1 – MinMan 40 v South Clare 33

Both teams came out firing; with an accurate shooting effort by Lara Smith and Hayley McLean, MinMan took the lead. South continued with a strong defence but MinMan worked as a team to take the win.

C2 – MinMan 62 v South Clare 24

MinMan girls were moving the ball beautifully with Tyla Quick contesting successfully in the first half. South came back in the third with Sally Grigg threading the needle like a pro. Halle Smith and Issy Bryksy filled in fantastically. Great percentage booster for MinMan.

U15 – MinMan 76 v South Clare 10

Great game by MinMan with strong passages of play. South had a great last quarter but MinMan finished strong.

J1 – MinMan 12 v South Clare 29

Slow start by both teams in the first quarter – few changes in the second quarter saw South steam ahead to an eight-goal lead. Good win by South.

J2 – MinMan 8 v South Clare 16

An even opening quarter with both teams having to work hard for a goal. Billi Malycha gave South lots of run in the second quarter with the goalies shooting well to pull away by four. Milly Schwartz worked hard for the Eagles all game and despite some strong defence, South’s height in the ring made the difference.

J3 – MinMan v South Clare

Quite evenly matched teams in good conditions, both sides defending well and MinMan had plenty of opportunities in the goal ring. After a slow start MinMan consolidated their skills better in the final quarter to earn a win.

J4 – MinMan v South Clare

A good start to the match with an even first quarter. Great defence by both teams and with Charlie Ross brining the ball down the court for MinMan.

J5 – MinMan v South Clare

Fantastic evenly played match, however MinMan were too good in the end. Scarlett Sims was a standout and worked hard for South Clare. Asha Stockman and Cassidy Maloney work really hard for MinMan making them best on court for MinMan.


A1 – RSMU 34 v BSR 54

A strong start by BSR set the tone for the rest of the match with accurate shooting by Georgina Moore and Rebecca Moyne despite great attempts by Sarah Noack and Ellen Callery with their defensive pressure. BSR again dominated the second quarter allowing them to take a strong lead by half time. Consistent drive and direction by Tammi Mullins and a positive mindset by the RSMU players enabled them to win the third quarter. Giving credit where credit is due BSR were far too strong for the girls this week.

A2 – RSMU 36 v BSR 50

A highly skilled first half of netball with RSMU cracking first and allowing BSR the first turnovers to lead at the first two breaks. Riley Fitzgerald and Taryn Kelly shooting well but had to work hard for every ball due to the defensive pressure of Jaz and Jacinta. Pressure in the third by BSR all over the court created bad passing from RSMU with Yana intercepting time and time again. BSR able to push out to a decent lead during this period of play. A game played for four quarters in great spirit by both teams with good, fair umpiring made for a great game despite the end result. Congrats to Lisa on attaining her C Grade badge.

B1 – RSMU 36 v BSR 41

RSMU started off strongly and were leading by 2 by the end of the first quarter.  BSR picked up the pace in the second quarter with strong contest which saw BSR take the lead by three at half time.  Great shooting by both sides and some great passages of play made for entertaining netball. BSR increased their lead to four by the end of the third quarter.  BSR turned the ball over a number of times early in the fourth quarter and their lead increased but RSMU rallied and regained some lost ground to bring the overall difference back to five.  Great game by both sides.

B2 – RSMU 31 v BSR 53

A very well oiled BSR team demonstrating why they are in the top three.  They led RSMU by six goals at quarter time. BSR goalies Kim Sohs and Amy Trengrove dominated their attack line with super accurate shooting from Kim.  RSMU attempted changes to their goalies at half and three quarter time break, and Stevie-Lee Dutton fired well in the last quarter. Nikki Hannaford fought hard with consistent pressure in keeper for RSMU, however BSR’s strong and accurate delivery from the centre court players into the ring assisted their progressive lead at each break, and overall win.

C1 – RSMU 20 v BSR 57

BSR came on strong from the start with defender Lucy Wilsdon proving numerous turnovers and goalies Charmaine Barlow and Jessica Longbottom working well together in the ring. RSMU made some changes to fight back with a better second quarter but BSR’s steady play and smooth flow kept them safely ahead. Krystal Lines and Ellie Harris worked hard in RSMU’s defence line, provided opportunities but overall the Tigers were too strong.

Blyth/Snowtown v BBH

A1 – B/S 64 v BBH 37

Both Cats and BBH started strongly with both teams creating and capitalising on turn overs. Lauren Collins was a stand out for the Cats with accurate shooting and was in good company as all seen players were focused and determined. Phin sisters, Kate and Alice were strong for BBH but were unable to match the Cats who increased their lead each quarter and ran away in the second half to take a convincing win.

A2 – B/S 56 v BBH 24

Blyth/Snowtown started strong with solid pressure all the way down the court. BBH were leading and shooting well in the first half but Blyth/Snowtown’s consistency and flow enabled them to extend their lead each quarter. Mikaela Harbottle played well at her first game in shooter, with accuracy and excellent movement in the ring. With tight defensive pressure and capitalising on many defensive turnovers, finishing the game with a solid win.

B1 – B/S 52 v BBH 24

Blyth Snowtown got off to a great start with Natalie Cocks moving well in the ring, giving Cats an 11-goal lead at quarter time. BBH had more of the ball in the second, with good patience working the ball into the ring. Blyth Snowtown stepped up the defence in the third, with Cherie Stirling passing the ball beautifully into the goalies. BBH kept defending into the last quarter, but speed from the Cats and 14 goals from Kristen Allchurch took them to a win.

B2 – B/S 54 v BBH 28

Cats got off to a good start with very strong defence. They took the lead by 10 goals at the first break. Chelsea Kelly from BBH played a solid game through the centre court. Both teams made changes at the half time break and Cats kept increasing their lead with great shooting by Natalie Cocks and Kristen Allchurch. BBH kept fighting but Cats were too strong.

C1 – B/S 35 v BBH 30

BBH started the game well, shooting the first three goals. Blyth Snowtown soon settled and took the lead by 5 goals. Consistent shooting by Blyth Snowtown’s Cartia Jaeschke and Ruby Jacka saw them increase their lead. Half time BBH made changes.The last quarter BBH shot the first six goals and had the Cats rattled. Wing defender Alice Williams took an intercept and Blyth Snowtown converted the goal and settled down to come home with a good win. Mary Carroll and Kerry-Lee Welke combined well to cause many turnovers with Aimee Cusack making it hard for BBH in the mid court. BBH Georgia Hook played a strong consistent game in goals as was well supported by Caitlin Squire who feed into the ring well.

C2 – B/S 15 v BBH 40

The Cats welcomed back Elouise Guest after injury. BBH dominated the game with Jodie Stockman a standout with very accurate shooting and fantastic positioning. Blyth Snowtown’s Sarah Frape and Amber Large had great games with many strong rebounds and intercepts.  BBH’s defensive line of Sheree Riggs, Kloe Wenzel and Jaimee Haitana made it very hard for the Cats to score, but they continued to try hard all game.

J1 – B/S 16 v BBH 20

Both teams started well with great movement and shooting. Jaz Elsworthy for Blyth Snowtown continued to move and pass well into the goal circle but BBH’s defence was too strong with Eliza Quinn taking plenty of intercepts. BBH pulled away to be up by five at half time. An even second half saw Cats edge back, but BBH remained composed and won by four.

J2 – B/S 1 v BBH 27

Both teams started the first quarter strong, with good shooting from BBH goalies Olivia Clarke and Shelby Van Gosteren. Blyth Snowtown defenders Erine Haitana and Maddison Shultz applied great defensive pressure, but BBH took a convincing win in the end.

J3 – B/S  v BBH

A great first quarter by Blyth Snowtown, with lots of great play down the court. Blyth Snowtown’s Trinity Schultz played a great game in WA. BBH came out strong in the second quarter with accurate shooting from Keira Schuppan and Reagan Van Gasteren.

J4 – B/S v BBH

Lovely passages of play down the court by both teams with some beautiful passes. Anna Schuppan and Jade Waters for BBH worked well in the goal circle together, shooting some lovely goals. Lily Stirling was strong at defender for Blyth Snowtown with lots of intercepts in the last quarter.

North Clare v Southern Saints

A1 – North Clare 46 v Southern Saints 56

Eudunda Robertstown started strong, getting a jump on North Clare. A big welcome back to North’s defender Millie Heinjus, both defenders for North working hard and turning balls over. North crawled back. First two quarters were fast and hard fought by both sides. Chelsea Panoho taking some awesome intercepts giving North a fighting chance. Saints third quarter saw their advantage with turnovers and goals. Georgia Mead playing well against Lisa Ah Chee resulting in adjustments being made by Eudunda Robertstown. Saints Georgia shooting so accurately the entire game giving Norths defenders little opportunity.

A2 – North Clare 43 v Southern Saints 29

North came out strong in the first quarter with some great passages of play, Elyce Huppatz and Robyn Coles finishing off accurately. Emma Meaney taking the court in her return to netball combined with Lisa Klingner in defence and had great pressure all game with fantastic rebounds. Eudunda Robertstown never gave up all game and had great defensive pressure in the goal ring. North made a change at half time with Lauren Cross working very hard to put great pressure on the ball. Chloe Cross and Kelly Shekle had good drive into attack and feeding into the circle.

B1 – North Clare 38 v Southern Saints 41

North started strongly in the first quarter with accurate shooting by both goalies. Saints had a better second quarter and carried that momentum for the third quarter. Scores were even at three quarter time however Saints steadied and finished stronger.

B2 – North Clare 43 v Southern Saints 37

A great start shooters from both sides shooting well with North up by three at quarter time. Norths defence picking off many intercepts in the second. Saints made changes in the third but North increased their lead by 10 goals. Last quarter saw Saints make use of the intercepts and brought the gap to within five.

C1 – North Clare 62 v Southern Saints 18

North Clare came out strong in the first half with clear leads all down the court. Saints provided great pressure all game with some timely intercepts form Ashleigh Booms-Davies. Jodie Mullighan played consistent all game applying great pressure.

C2 – North Clare 39 v Southern Saints 12

An even first quarter by both teams. North settled in the second quarter with good passages of play. Freya Thompson & Jordyn Stewart provided steady passing through the middle. Decota Curran for the Saints played well. North had a strong last quarter to finish with a good win.

U15 – North Clare 31 v Southern Saints 33

A very even game with both teams coming out firing. Good shooting by North’s Jessica Lloyd & Saints Maegen Pfitziner saw North leading by one goal at half time. Great leading by Bridey Mathie saw North hold their one goal lead at three quarter time.

J1 – North Clare 29 v Southern Saints 38

A fantastic start by both sides saw the scores even at quarter time. Saints stepped it up with some brilliant shooting by Breea Schultz to give them a seven-goal lead at half time. Norths pressure through the mid court made the Saints have to work hard and resulting in North getting numerous turnovers. Lara Jaeschke and Ella Pink combined well in the second half to keep North in touch but the Saints proved too strong.

J3 – North Clare v Southern Saints

An even game for the first half with both sides playing well. An injury in the third saw North fire up and push through to a strong win with great leading and intercepting. Play down the court was both accurate and well positioned.

J4 – North Clare v Southern Saints

Norths J4’s played a strong game today with some excellent leading and intercepting from Ruby Redden and Abigail Mason. Accurate shooting from Evie Spurling and Makayla Mason. Standout players from the Saints were Jasmin Williams and Regan Mosey in the centre. Excellent defence from Leni Geister.

J5 – North Clare v Southern Saints

Today North were ready for a good focused game. Saints were too strong in the first half though North were able to settle in the second. Tegan Kloock shot well for North. Well done girls.