Clare Train Centenary Group committee celebrates

Celebrating 100 years since the first train arrived in Clare, a reenactment was played out by students of Vineyard Lutheran School on July 4.

As it would have arrived 100 years ago, the train was warmly welcomed by the bystanders and all enjoyed the real-life reenactment.  

Students created their own train and had support from David Bond with the typical sounds a train would make. 

This was the beginning to a day of centenary celebrations in Clare – all in the name of the first train arriving in Clare all those years ago. 

Clare Train Centenary group chair James Duggin welcomed all to the day and encouraged the cheering and applause for the train’s arrival. 

With many ideas brought forward of how to best celebrate the occassion, Mr Duggin told the audience it was important to find families association with the railway.

The committee also decided to get the schools involved with the project and to rehabilitate and untidy area of the Riesling Trail – thus involving the Riesling Trail committee. 

Mr Duggin proudly showed off the work of the committee, with the newly installed train silhouette, turntable dugout and information signs. 

It’s a way for the community to learn about the history of railway in Clare and to preserve its history. 

With a number of people behind the project, Mr Duggin thanked those involved, from researching to digging out the dugout – this included Shane Fraser, at MAIT Plumbing, for their voluntary work at the dugout.