International success for Booborowie brand

Australian Carob Company, based in Booborowie, is taking the international market by storm.
Australian Carob Company, based in Booborowie, is taking the international market by storm.

Booborowie’s own Australian Carob Company, is celebrating international sales success.

The company is now exporting to seven different countries worldwide, as well as being listed on the global website platform, Amazon and being recognised throughout the world as producing the Best Quality Carob In The World.

The business, which is now in its eighth year of production, is supplying Australian-grown carob and manufactured carob products from their 6,000 tree orchard in South Australia.

Products include kibble snack food, roasted and raw powder for cooking and a delicious syrup for dressing desserts, drinks and cereals.

The Australian Carob Co owners/managers Michael and Jam Jolley said the success of their business continued to grow each year and being recognized throughout the world for producing the world’s best quality carob was an honour.

“Our carob is being recognised by consumers, agents, distributors and manufacturing companies internationally as the best quality carob available in the world and it’s coming from right here in Australia,” Mr Jolley said.

“The market is ripe for these products, and we can only imagine that sales will continue to grow in the future.”

“With a good 18 years head start for the trees, infrastructure and markets, emerging competition is a long way off, which only secures long-term success.

“Our sales have increased rapidly in the past seven years as we are now selling to USA, Canada, France and Europe, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and India. The products are also available on Amazon USA, with sales on Amazon USA reaching above $10,000 USD per month.”

Mr Jolley said, in addition, there was a large factory under construction in South Korea to make healthy chocolate using their Australian carob powder as a main ingredient for the Korean market.

“With harvesting increasing, we are now expected to reach above 400 tonne of carob this following year, with the capacity to harvest more. The carob trees have been known to produce up to 200kg per tree. That’s potentially up to and above $2,000 income per tree,” he said.

Mr Jolley said there is a growing number of consumers purchasing the products for the appetising taste, versatility and significant health benefits.

“Carob is a healthy alternative to sweet artificial foods,” he said. “Our Carob does not contain additives or contamination and free from all allergen’s, and is perfect for the alternative for sweets lovers seeking a chocolate-like flavouring in their dessert.”

“We are proud to have built a business that is valued on high quality products, taste and consistency. Our award winning products are fast gaining an international reputation,” he said.

“As from July 2018 we are releasing our Gold Seal carob powder, which with our new multi stage milling process, making our carob powder the finest and fluffiest carob powder available. It’s been a two year project to get the carob powder to this standard and now we have achieved our goal.”

Lariese Purely Organic manager Ron Williams said the Australian Carob Company products could enhance the taste of any food.

“We came across the Australian Carob company for the first time at an Organic Expo in Melbourne where they were our next door neighbour,” Mr Williams said.

“Not only were we amazed with the taste of the carob powder, nectar, and kibbles but we mixed it in our Hemp Protein and ‘it was like there was a party in our mouths and all the taste buds were invited’.

The taste was so good that we are seriously considering adding another dimension by flavouring our Hemp Protein with The Australian Carob Companies products,” he said.

Australian Carob Company has been in business for just over eight years.

The company has gained markets both domestically and overseas, with their own products and products that have been valued added from the Australian Carob Company existing range.

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