Council are investigating options

The creation of a secondary bushfire exit point for residents in the Hanlin’s Rise development is no closer to fruition.

February's Emu Flat bushfire which threatened the Clare township.

February's Emu Flat bushfire which threatened the Clare township.

A report presented to the Clare and Gilbert Valley’s Council at the May 21 Council meeting showed there were issues in creating a second point.

After the Emu Flat bushfire in February this year came dangerously close to the Clare township, residents indicated the need for a second exit point.

Residents from Neagles Rock Road, Essington Avenue, Kelly Street, Barnard Street, Hentschke Road, Hentschke Place, Rocky Glen Court, Hanlins Road, Pandappa Drive, Tamblyn Street, Trezise Way, Gooding Court and Roscrow Court currently have one exit to the Clare CBD.

This is via Essington Avenue on to Powell Street and on to Main North Road.

During the fire there were serious delays and congestion as residents tried to escape.

At the March 19 Council meeting it was recommended that the closed portion of Neagles Roack Road near Henry Street be reopened however the motion was lost.

Council then moved for council administration to investigate options for a second exit. 

The report showed that there was an existing road reserve on the southern boundary.

It was noted that connecting east to Stanley Place and onto Main North Road was not an option given its steep terrain.

The road could be connected to Neagles Rock Road, however issues including vegetation, road widening and hard rock under the surface were found.

It was moved that council note the report, which was carried. 

Clare Country Fire Service Captain Rob Salter said that traffic build up in the area could be avoided in a bushfire scenario if residents have a plan put in place.

“Those people that are there definitely need a bushfire safety plan because they are in a high risk zone for ember attack,” he said.

“If Neagles Rock Hill goes up and there is a westerly breeze they are going to get ember attacked there.

“They definitely need to factor that into their bushfire action plan and then work it out from there because there is only the one exit.”