Saddleworth's Biggest Morning tea

It was 18 years ago when the then Saddleworth librarian Joy Williams and Dora Newhouse, along with a small library committee hosted their first Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. 

From small beginnings in the old library building 18 years ago, before transforming in 2004 to the current library and community centre, the event has grown throughout the years. 

This journey has seen them fundraise and donate several thousands of dollars and there’s no plans to stop any time soon. 

Mrs Williams is constantly motivated to help and organise the event. 

"We were limited for space as the old library was not very big so we set up tables and chairs outside, raising $100 we were quite thrilled," Mrs Williams said. 

Held at the Saddleworth Library and Community Centre – hosted by the Friends of the Saddleworth Library – this year’s event attracted 30 people and 80 orders were also received from the primary school and local businesses who could not attend. 

More than $700 was raised this year. 

Guest speaker for this year’s event was cancer Council SA community education project officer Elysia Flavel.

Ms Flavel said it was a great opportunity to be invited as it enabled her to visit the work places and attend country areas to help educate towards preventing cancer. 

She also said it was a great opportunity to thank the community for its generous donations to the fundraiser over many years.

“There is always someone we know that has been diagnosed with cancer that has such a significant impact on many families and friends, being supportive can help make a difference,” Ms Flavel said. 

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