It’s time to take care of your back

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Spinal Health Week 2018 runs from May 25-31 and this year Luke Raggio Chiropractic is encouraging you to look after your back.

The spine is a very important part of your body and its health can have a big impact on how well the rest of your body’s functions perform.

Spinal health issues, even subtle ones, can affect your general outlook on life and overall well-being.

Dr Luke Raggio has been providing chiropractic care in Clare for approximately 13 years.

He is family-focused and can provide his services to babies, children, pregnant mums, the elderly and anyone in between.

Dr Raggio provides friendly, professional, safe and effective chiropractic care using the best of the best chiropractic techniques.

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Dr Raggio said many people don't think about visiting a chiropractor or being proactive about their spinal health until they are faced with an injury or pain.

“Over the years I have really enjoyed watching families under regular chiropractic care benefit from having healthy and well-functioning spines,” Dr Raggio said.

“It gives them a huge advantage in the stressful modern society we live in which can often contribute to health problems.”

Dr Luke is supported by five experienced chiropractic assistants, Karen and Chris at Gawler and Naomi, Leslee and Lexia at Clare

The family-based practice is focused on improving the health and lives of people in Clare and the Mid North.

During Spinal Health Week make an appointment at Luke Raggio Chiropractic for a spinal health check-up and discover what steps you can take to improve your health and well-being.

For more information or to book an appointment call the Gawler Clinic on 8523 2733 or call the Clare Clinic on 8842 1930.