Hutt River (Clare) Probus Club learns about North Korea

Bill Singleton.

Bill Singleton.

The Hutt River (Clare) Probus Club April meeting was held in the Barbara J Long Room on April 17.

The meeting was opened with a welcome from president Marie Spinks followed by the singing of Waltzing Matilda in acknowledgement of Anzac Day.

Carla Brown added an impromptu singing of April Showers.     

Reports and general business followed then the raffle was drawn with a good array of prizes –from somebody’s kitchen, garden or bookshelf etc.

Morning tea is keeping up a great display of goodies to enjoy, thanks everyone.

Guest speaker Bill Singleton arrived in time to join the group for morning tea.

He was initially wearing a  Hutt River Province T shirt when he arrived thinking it appropriate for Hutt River Probus.

Bill visited North Korea in 2014 and toured the country by rail with 80 per cent of trains uing electric power from hydro.

He travelled with a group, a visa was needed, and stayed in hotels – some high up in the mountains.

He said North Korea was a safe country with happy people whose homes were well kept.

Religions include Catholic, Protestant and Buddist.

Other information he included in the session was that art was valued highly, there were no private cars so public transport was mainly used and there, there was no decent beer, circuses had three shows a day, Kaesong city was undamaged by war and a suspension bridge linked the countries of North and South Korea.

Bill had quite a few questions to answer and proved yet again guest speaker coordinator Barry (Bud) Budarick was doing a good job. Mr Budarick thanked Mr Singleton for his interesting talk which came with projected photos.