Peter Argent's reports from Saturday

On the hunt: Matty Connell hunts down the footy. Photo: Carly Grant Photography.
On the hunt: Matty Connell hunts down the footy. Photo: Carly Grant Photography.

Rebounding from the round three loss last week, RSMU delivered a handsome 12-goal victory in their third home game in the opening month of the North Eastern football season.

By half time in perfect conditions at Riverton Oval the Hawks had a 31-point advantage and finished with 20.7 (127) to 8.7 (55).

RSMU Hawks coach Steve Lubcke said his squad needed to bounce back after that loss to Blyth-Snowtown.

“It was a bit frustrating early as we kicked 2.4 in the first 10 minutes; not getting value for our efforts,” Lubcke said.

“Our run and overlap was excellent and I felt our structures for the game were pretty sound all day.

“The Saints clawed their way back in the game the second quarter.

“We really start to capitalise in the scoreboard after half-time.

“I felt in the second quarter we played a bit of what I call “Russian Roulette” footy, but this improved after the break.

“Justin Schahinger was very influential in ruck and I was really happy with a number of the young guys like Will Knoll and Ben Molineux in this contest.”

Zack Hier was outstanding in defence, while the premier ruckman in the competition, Sam Heinjus, was injured, Justin Schahinger showed his domination at the stoppages.

There were plenty of options in attack with the high marking Damian Hynes kicking seven goals at centre half-forward.  

The trio of Craig Mullins (four), fellow veteran Kimberley Hart (three) and spring-heeled lead up forward Jack Connell (four) kicked 11 goals between them.

Around the ball Billy Nicholls and Mitch Sandery were productive all day.

The standout for the Saints was Richard Schmidt who had a purple patch, and kicked four goals.  

Dane Pfitzner, in his roles on a wing and the midfield had an impact, as did Toby Schulz and big man Jed Michalk. Craig Hoffman also had his moments across half back.

Min-Man v Blyth Snowtown

After the opening month of NEFL football, Blyth-Snowtown is currently the only unbeaten team.

They took on an embattled Mintaro-Manoora side and kept their opponents to just nine points while kicking 23.24 and winning by a massive 153-point margin.

They had 47 scoring shots in the game to the Eagles four.

The Cats look like world beaters have now made it four wins in a row, defeating Mintaro Manoora in in this terribly once one-sided affair.

New coach Carey Payne said that Mintaro-Manoora controlled the first five to seven minutes of the game, but after that the Cats took control.

“I wasn't happy with our kicking in the first half; we kick 7.17,” Payne said.

“But this improved after half-time.

“The key statistics for the game showed on the scoreboard.

“In the first half we had 45 inside 50s to five.

“Mickey Atkinson on a wing kicked four goals and was our best players in a great display.

“Caleb Lloyd was again outstanding and Ricky Wiseman kicked 6.4 and is starting to show the form he was recruited for.

“Gareth Ottens again showed his on-field leadership and Nathan Zweck is playing outstanding football in defence.

“A special mention needs to be made for our ruckman it in this game.

“Wesley McNair was asked to come up from the twos and played an important role for us.”

Playing off a wing Mickey Atkinson was the star for the day, while recruit Wiseman and the returning Caleb Lloyd also were outstanding.

One of the true unheralded team-men in NEFL football, Nathan Zweck, played another strong game while Gareth Ottens kept producing consistently strong football.

Wiseman finished with six majors, while Atkinson snaffled four and the pair of Ottens and Lloyd finished with three each. Jack Gogoll chimed in with two.

Among the senior personnel at the Eagles - Billy Sandow, Luke McDermid and Steve Rusca - were their better performers.  

Archie Smith and Chris Dodd both deserve to mention for their efforts against the tide, while Kym Allen kicked the Eagles only goal in the third term.

North Clare v BSR

In a highly entertaining game on Clare Oval last year's premiers, the Tiger is held on to win by 20 points against North.

BSR led by 13 points at the long interval, 14 points at lemons and was tested all the way to the end.

The final scoreboard read BSR 13.11 (89) to North Clare 10.9 (69).  

“It was a high pressure game and both teams fumbled at times,” BSR coach Liam Whitwell said.

“North played a pretty good brand of football and the match ebbed and flowed all day.

“When we got to about five goals up during the last quarter I thought the game was safe, although they kicked a couple (of goals) in the dying minutes of the game.

“Dallas Hill was really good for them early until we moved Alex Morgan on to him.

“Jack Haarsma was again impressive in the middle and Adam MacKenzie down back played his role well.

“Also three of our Senior Colts from last year played pretty well - Nick Longmire, Mitchell Catford and the younger Wilsdon lad, Sam also showed promising signs.”

Along with Morgan, Haarsma and MacKenzie, the two cousins lads Andrew and Ben had a telling influence on the game while Matt Longbottom played his best game for the club after returning from Woodville West Torrens reserves.  

He kicked a game high four goals while Sam Martin finished with three; playing coach Whitwell and Haarsma both kicked two each.

For North, Dallas Hill was regarded as their best followed by Sam Panoho in defence.

Tom Stevens at another strong game around the ball and he was supported by Cohen Pettitt and Troy Hatt.  

Roosters captain Nick Rowe also was a significant contributor.

The Pawley boys, Tyson (three) and Matthew (two) kicked five of the 10 North Clare goals.

BBH v South Clare

Played at Burra, the clash between South Clare and BBH was an intriguing encounter.

The Demons eked out a 25-point lead half-time and finally got home by 27 points, but only after the Rams came back at them early in the last quarter.

The final score was South 15.9 (99) to the BBH Rams 11.6 (72).

“We played some decent footy for the first time this year,” Demons coach Justin Michael said.

“We've been reasonably unsettled over the first three weeks and this was the best team we’ve put on the park, personnel wise this year.

“We were clean with the footy and I reckon we used it better on the day.

“BBH are an improved side and they drew back to level at the start of the last quarter after kicking the opening two goals of that term.  

“Our midfield started to get their hands on the ball and took the game away from them.

“Pleasingly we have plenty of contributors.  

“Our captain Brodie Murphy was outstanding especially in the first half and Michael Liebelt played deep forward.

“In his first game this year Alex Heinrich was good in ruck as well.”

Original from Peterborough-Jamestown, Patrick McInerney, was the Demon’s best while Michael Liebelt after returning kicked five goals as a key forward.

Matthew Allen played his best game for the season across half back and he was well supported by Reece Hocking.

Brodie Murphy's first half was outstanding.

Along with Liebelt, five, Mitch Reynolds and McInerney both kick two goals.

For the hosts, Guy Hutchinson, Lachlan Mc Innis and playing coach Casey Cooper were there leading contributors.

Former Central Zone title winning captain, Tom Riggs returned and impressed.

Christopher James was noteworthy and Robbie Bartee was the only real consisted avenue up forward with a five-goal haul.

By Peter Argent